How Arizona State University Promoted the Largest Preva Install in the World

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How Arizona State University Promoted the Largest Preva Install in the World

Arizona State University recently completed the largest Preva® install in the world with a whopping 275 pieces of networked equipment.

For customers looking to install Preva or promote their existing Preva offering, check out how ASU got the word out to its student body about personalized fitness.

What was the promotion?

ASU asked students to take the "Cardio Challenge," which lasted nearly two months. The challenge was across all four campuses -- downtown Phoenix, Polytechnic, Tempe, and West -- and each of the Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFC) facilities.

How did the challenge work?

Students had to have a Preva account to participate as they needed to log their workouts and minutes to participate. While the challenge was between the SDFC facilities (highest average logged cardio minutes wins), every student (up to 1,000) who logged 500 minutes received a free performance shirt. The individual with the most minutes at each of the four facilities won an iPod. Tamra Garstka, Director of Sun Devil Fitness, Tempe, says: “With the development and expansion of four facilities, the Cardio Challenge and the Preva app have been instrumental in our celebration of openings and the health and wellness of ASU students, faculty and staff.”

ASU Precor Strength Equipment

How did they promote the challenge?

The challenge was promoted through the Well Devils organization, a group of campus volunteers who promote a well mind, body, and community at ASU. These volunteers, along with staff at the Recreation Centers, were trained on talking about Preva and helping students create accounts. Beyond this, the challenge was promoted via the SDFC website and newsletters. By October 24th, there were a combined 2,670 Preva account holders across all four campuses, accounting for 1,905,600 minutes (31,760 hours!) of workouts recorded. "We are committed to promoting the Preva app to help the ASU community develop personal fitness goals and be successful in all aspects of their wellbeing," said Garstka. "It is exciting that the Preva app will be part of the Pac-12 Fitness Challenge in February 2014, which ASU actively competes in every year." If you’re an operator, be sure to learn more about Preva with this video: