How Operators Can Customize Preva and Make It Work for Exercisers

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How Operators Can Customize Preva and Make It Work for Exercisers

Preva® has never been more personalized for the exerciser and it's never been more customizable for you, the operator. It's the perfect solution for fitness facilities looking to better connect with their exercisers.

From RFID tokens and accessories to workout messages and facility feeds, check out all the ways you can customize Preva and improve the fitness experience for your exercisers to keep them coming back.

#1: Give your customers quick sign-in RFID options

Preva Tokens and accessories make it easy and effortless for exercisers to log in to their Preva account and immediately get their workout started.

How Preva RFID Tokens Work

An exerciser simply touches his or her Preva token to the green light in the top-right corner of the P80 console to access their Preva account (see the below video for a demonstration).

In fact, Preva account holders that have set a goal and use a Preva Token to sign-in work out more than 4 times as often than those without a goal and RFID token.


How to Order Preva RFID Tokens Directly from Precor

If you didn't order Preva tokens during your initial equipment sale, or if you've ran out, ordering couldn't be easier. There are several options:

  • Talk to your Precor sales representative.
  • Fastest option: email with the part number (PPP000000302397105) and quantity (100 per box).
  • If you have questions about the ordering process or the parts you need, email
  • Call 1-800-347-4404 to chat with customer service.

How to Order Custom-Branded Preva RFID Tokens & Accessories

You can also order custom branded Preva tokens, stickers, wristbands, and cards. Here's how to take advantage of this opportunity to market your facility:

  • Go to the Authentic8 Precor page.
  • Register or log in.
  • Select the form factor you prefer, or click "custom design" at the bottom of the page.

Download our complete guide to your ordering options here.

#2: Customize the Welcome Screen and Workout Messages

Create unique messages that your exercisers will see every time they step on a Precor machine in your facility.

Preva Workout Message

The possibilities are endless! You could choose to feature a motivating message, promote a service such as personal training, or highlight a special that your facility is running. These messages are great ways to keep exercisers feeling engaged and informed on facility happenings, and for your business to create additional revenue through the advertising of deals and services.

To learn more and find instructions on how to set custom messages for your Precor equipment, check out our Precor University training videos.

#3: Facility feeds inform and draw revenue

Similar to an RSS feed, you can arrange a customized collection of articles that exercisers can be directed to during their workouts.

Preva Facility Feeds

These facility feeds are a wonderful way to build strong relationships with exercisers and keep them motivated. Use your feeds to bring in revenue through promoting news about your business, facility programs, and partner sponsorships.

See how businesses are actively using facility feeds to here.

Download the free Preva Workout Messages report


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