How to Package and Market Your Gym's Group Training Sessions

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How to Package and Market Your Gym's Group Training Sessions

For gym operators and trainers, small group training is a great way to maximize time and effort, and to create packages that provide revenue outside of the traditional membership. Group training packages can be sold to businesses, sales teams, and social clubs. Moreover, it's also a great way to promote your best programs and trainers, and to introduce potential members to your fitness facility.

For new and current members, group training lets you introduce your space and help them learn about the equipment and tools offered. Members can use the training as an opportunity to meet other members who share their goals. When members are able to effectively utilize the gym space and equipment they'll often have greater success meeting their fitness goals, and are more likely to remain loyal members.

With small groups -- optimally fewer than 10 participants -- exercisers can get personalized, one-on-one attention while learning from other group members and tapping into the group synergy.

Small Group Training Program Options

You can take advantage of existing programming (such as AMT Team Fit) or you can repackage existing large group classes to be more focused and hands-on.

Group training can be held in group exercise spaces or out in the gym floor itself, using equipment. Sectioning off areas of your facility for group training can be a bit tricky, but with a little planning and creativity it can definitely work.



For equipment-based programming such AMT Team Fit, it's a little easier to reserve a section of cardio machines for a small class, but ensure that no regular members feel slighted. Make sure your trainers and gym staff are prepared to offer any members turned away from the space during group time a complimentary pass or class.

Consider opening up small group training to non-members. It's a great way to allow members to bring in friends and family for special sessions, and also to reach out to businesses with special programming. A special rate for members will help underline the benefits of their gym membership.

For information on what kinds of layouts are most effective for AMT Team Fit, check out the free guide below:

6 Ways to Promote Group Training

Once you've created group packages for your gym, it's time to do outreach and sell them. Here are some ideas for promoting your small group training programs:

1. Neighborhood outreach

Reach out to neighborhood businesses and community organizations with special group packages for their members or employees.

2. Membership drive

Use small group training to promote the gym by offering new members special rates to invite their friends and family to join a small group session.

3. Popular themes

Themes are powerful marketing tools, and they can make fitness more exciting. Consider building fitness programs around pop culture events. You don't have to recreate the wheel each time; rather, tweak existing programs to create new themes.

4. Family fitness

Bring the whole family in for fitness fun. It's a great way for families to help support one another in a healthier lifestyle and to bring reluctant bystanders into the gym.

5. Company programs

More and more companies are interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Group training can build stronger, more cohesive teams in and out of the gym.

6. Community building

Group training is a great way to build community in the gym and help members connect with one another. Be sure to utilize social media and other technology to help members stay connected to one another. It can also be helpful to build teams around existing interests and strengths, such as "new mothers" or "marathon runners." This way, the group can easily bond over shared interests.