How to Share Your Hard-Earned Preva Badges

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How to Share Your Hard-Earned Preva Badges

You've worked your gluteus maximus off for those Preva® badges, so why not show them off to the rest of the world? Whether you want to share your badges with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers, it's really simple. Here's our step-by-step guide showing you how.

Sharing Preva Badges from the iOS App to Facebook and Twitter

Step 1: If you've just earned a badge, tap "Share" in the upper-right corner. Or if you want to share a badge you've already earned, navigate to "Status," swipe right, tap "Badges" in the upper-right, and select the badge you'd like to share.

Preva Badge Sharing

Step 2: Select whether you'd like to share your badge to Facebook or Twitter. You can always return and share your badge to the social network you don't choose later.

Preva Share Badge to Facebook or Twitter

Step 3: If you select to share your badge on Facebook, the following will appear. You can add text to include your own message or leave as is, and you can also select the audience you'd like to share with (public, friends, etc.). When you're ready to share, just tap "Post."

Share Preva Badge on Facebook

Step 4: If you decide to share to Twitter, just make sure your tweet is at or under the 140 character limit and tap "Send."

Share Preva Badge on Twitter

Step 5: That's it! Now your hard-earned badge has been shared with your friends and followers. For example, here's how it might look on Facebook:

Preva Badge Facebook Profile

Start Earning Badges

Want to join the fun? You can start earning Preva badges today by signing up on a networked piece of Precor cardio equipment at your gym or by downloading the Preva  app for iOS. What's your favorite badge you've earned so far?

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