How the Squat Machine Can Help Develop Proper Form

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How the Squat Machine Can Help Develop Proper Form

Squats are one of the most functional movements you can include in your workout routine. You perform the motion during your day-to-day activities whenever you pick something off the ground, climb stairs, or sit in a chair. By strengthening the lower-body muscle groups used in squats, you can also improve your mobility, balance, and endurance.

How the Squat Machine Can Help Develop Proper Form


As with many exercises, there are variations on the basic squat that allow you to progressively increase the difficulty of the movement as your strength and performance improve. Variations can also subtly shift which muscles are the most engaged throughout the movement, working the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves harder in one position than another.

Proper form during squats is essential to protect yourself from injuries, particularly to your back and knees. Developing proper form takes practice and requires good core stability as well as adequate hip, knee, spine, and ankle mobility. Before adding weight to your squats, you’ll want to perform them with bodyweight alone until you can execute the full movement with proper form.

How the Squat Machine Can Help Develop Proper Form

As you progress toward free-weight squats with dumbbells or a barbell, the squat machine is a useful piece of equipment for perfecting your form. It can also be a great tool for exercisers who are recovering from an injury and need a little extra support.

The squat machine helps exercisers develop proper form by keeping the motion path centered and balanced. With a barbell, it’s easy for an exerciser who is still developing basic core strength to lose their footing or have the bar sink to one side, which can lead to injury. The squat machine allows the lower-body muscles to move the same amount of weight that an exerciser might lift with a barbell, but without the risk of dropping the equipment.

The Precor Discovery™ Series Plate Loaded Squat Machine closely mimics the muscular demands and user stabilization of a barbell squat, while providing the control needed to master the squat movement. The equipment can be intimidating to exercisers who have never used one before, but it’s easy to operate once you see how it functions. Its unique pivot system, ergonomic design, contoured shoulder pads, and intuitive positioning make it a comfortable and straightforward piece of equipment for new and experienced exercisers alike.

How the Squat Machine Can Help Develop Proper Form

Squats are a vital, functional movement that can improve your lower body strength, endurance, and mobility, but proper form is critical. That’s where the squat machine can be a powerful piece of equipment as you progress toward more difficult squat variations.

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