How to Increase Programming Revenue in Your Fitness Studio


How to Increase Programming Revenue in Your Fitness Studio

Every fitness studio is different. Different clientele, different aesthetics, different coaches.

Yet at The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS), we see many of the same old “big box” programming that, in today’s day and age, just doesn’t make much sense anymore. The fitness industry as a whole is changing, and studios need to keep up.

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For nearly a decade, I managed big box health clubs in the Chicago market, along with providing managerial assistance and consulting services to studios.

Two related areas we always focused on were programming and pricing. Everything from setting yourself up for success to understanding “what to say and how to say it” when increasing pricing at your studio.

Take the new member perspective at a typical health club: potential members walk in, meet with a sales rep, receive a tour, and then are “price presented.” It’s at this time they get to choose which membership is right for them. They also get to choose which training “package” they’d like to go along with their membership. They can often choose some variation of a three-pack, six-pack, 12-pack, or 24-pack starter session (usually personal training, Pilates, or perhaps a combination of different programs).

The problem with this big box approach is that you’re alienating your opportunity to dramatically increase revenue. What a studio needs to do is change the way programming is structured by following these steps.

How to Increase Programming Revenue in Your Fitness Studio

1. Set up pricing layers as membership options in your studio.

  • First, identify different price points and programs that fit the individual.
  • Of the options you choose, they should be made available to everyone.
  • Setting up layers allows you to service a lot more people than a one-on-one setting and clients see a lot more value.

2. Think of your pricing layers in four groups.

  • Simple Access (work out on your own).
  • Team Training / Large Group Training (boot camp: 20-25 people).
  • Small Group Training (less expensive personal training option, usually five or fewer people at a time).
  • Private (one-on-one training).

3. Once your initial layers are set up, choose your options and pricing. For example:

  • $49/month: simple access to the equipment.
  • $99/month: a layer of team training is added on top of simple access.
  • $139/month: unlimited small group training is added to simple access and unlimited team training.
  • $219/month: five one-on-one sessions per month are added to all previously mentioned benefits.

Another example is to sell your services based on the client becoming a member of your personal training program. The program you set up will allow you to be able to receive revenue over a certain amount of time without having to worry about the client “re-upping.”

For example, you could provide an option of one to three one-on-one training sessions per week, with a three-month commitment. Get the payment up front and then focus on the program structure moving forward. This approach also allows you to focus on selling the OUTCOME and the RESULT, not the time. That way the client is far more committed, they end up buying more sessions, more often, and there’s more cash flow for you and your business on the front end.

By applying these three steps in your studio, you can increase member commitment, improve their experience and, ultimately, bring in more revenue.

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