How to Use Technology to Plan Ahead for Fitness Success

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How to Use Technology to Plan Ahead for Fitness Success

Technology is all around us, from the mobile devices we rely on every single day to keep us informed on our personal world’s happenings, to the pieces of fitness equipment that we count on to live a healthy, strong life.

While some may be frustrated with the rate at which technology develops and changes, it’s important to acknowledge that we can use technology to our advantage. It allows for a greater interconnectivity among our devices, our family and friends, and our life goals and aspirations.

Here are three sources of technology that allow for you to plan your workout routines, routes, and habits. After all, once your workout is scheduled and on your horizon, it’s much easier to hold yourself accountable to get it done.

1. Suunto Movescount

Suunto Movescount Sign Up

Looking for an awesome way to integrate your training with your Suunto sports watch or mobile device app? Or maybe you're looking to plan the intensely rewarding workouts you have dreamed of doing one day?

Suunto, one of our Amer Sports sister companies, uses Movescount as a way of storing and planning all of your physical activity – it’s as simple as creating a free account. From there, you can track the specifics of each workout you complete, and use Movescount’s analysis tools to see how you’re making progress over time.

Keep yourself in line to meet your fitness goals by planning and scheduling your training programs and specific routes on a weekly basis. Suunto and other Movescount account users provide training programs that you can incorporate into your week. You can even gain some extra motivation and inspiration for future workouts by joining groups of similarly-minded exercisers.

2. Precor Coaching Center

Precor Coaching Center

Check out the recently-released Precor Coaching Center for fresh and engaging workouts and training tips that will allow you to make the most of your future workouts.

Our online database features a library of cardio and strength workouts, instructional videos, and frequently asked questions that aim to improve your fitness potential. We consistently add content that is catered toward reaching a variety of goals – building muscle, increasing your stamina, or bettering your general health, to name a few.

Also, be sure to regularly follow this blog to stay up to date on the latest health and fitness information and trends.

3. Pinterest

Precor Pinterest

It’s that one social media site that you’re guilty of spending hours pinning away on, even though you only intended to hop on for just a minute to browse your feed.

This little social slice of technological heaven is a great resource for all kinds of things fitness-related that can help you plan and achieve your goals. Search for workout routines that target specific areas of your body, find healthy recipes that will feed and refuel your hungry body post-workout, and follow the companies and brands whose missions and content align with your fitness goals.

Having consistent exposure to health and fitness pins makes it easier to want to achieve a killer workout or to plan for a successful day of activity. Also, following fitness-related boards gives you yet another good excuse to be on Pinterest for a little longer than you planned.

How do you use technology to your advantage when planning ahead to achieve your fitness goals? Please share with us!

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