How to Work Off That 4th of July BBQ

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How to Work Off That 4th of July BBQ

We all know holidays are often when fitness goals meet their Waterloo.

Food satisfying to the belly isn’t necessarily good for the waistline. So should we collectively pass up sweets, salts, and processed meat?  Yeah, right. It’s the 4th of July, folks! This holiday is made for backyard BBQs complete with chips, dips, baked beans, and corn dogs. So give yourself permission to fall off the wagon a bit – just be prepared to work a little bit harder to get back on it.

Below are 7 celebratory 4th of July staples – at least a few of these are destined to be at your revelries. (And for you lucky few controlling the menu, the sky’s the limit!)

But first, a pair of caveats:

  • First, the calorie counts below are estimates. Depending on brand, type (white vs. whole grain, for example), recipe, substitutions, alcohol content, etc., this can vary widely. Consequently, use these as guides, not gospel.
  • Second, the calories burned were calculated using a 170 pound person who is fairly active. Again, the calories you burn will vary based on your weight, body type, activity level, and degree of difficulty.  So you know the drill – they’re just guides.

Deviled eggs: 65 calories per half

Deviled EggsPhoto courtesy of Flickr user jeffreyww.

Once a Midwestern, red-check-tablecloth staple, deviled eggs have gone mainstream. This lovely take on the hard-boiled egg contains fluffy mayo and mustard goodness in every bite.

Recommended exercise: Luckily, at a fairly reasonable 65 calories per half, you’ll only need to swim freestyle for 5 minutes before burning one of these off.

Hamburger, bun and fixin’s: 450 calories (add 80 more for a slice of cheese)

CheeseburgerPhoto courtesy of Flickr user danielle_scott.

Hamburgers are the quintessential American BBQ staple. Add some ketchup, mustard and pickles to complete the bite. The best thing about them? It’s pretty difficult for Uncle Bob to completely ruin one.

Recommended exercise: Something this flavorful is going to require a little extra physical push, so consider burning it off with 45 minutes of mid-intensity Zumba.

Hot dog and bun: 300 calories

Hot DogPhoto courtesy of Flickr user stevendepolo.

Outside of ballparks and preschools, hot dogs are an often overlooked snack. But on the grill they take on an amazing flavor. Nestled in a soft bun, they’re hard to beat.

Recommended exercise: Often after a backyard BBQ, your kitchen is a mess… so we recommend 30 minutes of mopping the floor.

Potato salad: 360 calories per cup

Potato SaladPhoto courtesy of Flickr user diekatrin.

German, American, French… potato salad is yummy from any nationality. However, this often mayo-based dish is not the most low-cal. Control your portion, and you’ll be able to work your favorite salad off in no time.

Recommended exercise: 30 minutes of high-intensity kickboxing will render this a zero-sum side dish.

Lemonade: 100 calories per cup

LemonadePhoto courtesy of Flickr user robbertholf.

There are few things more satisfying than a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day – especially when it’s homemade. However, like all caloric drinks, it’s important to be conscious of how much you’re consuming.

Recommended exercise: 15 minutes on the EFX® at average resistance and pace.

Light beer: 120 calories per can

Light BeerPhoto courtesy of Flickr user martingarri.

It’s like lemonade for people over 21… drink responsibly!

Recommended exercise: Take one 20-minute stroll per can.

Apple pie: 280 calories per slice

Apple Pie Photo courtesy of Flickr user theleggett.

As American as… a satisfying, post-BBQ food coma. A great 4th of July meal is destined to be finished off with a warm slice of apple pie. Don’t pass this up – you’ll make it up in no time.

Recommended exercise: 25 minutes of all-American jump roping.

We hope you enjoy your food, family and friends this Independence Day!