How to Work Small Fitness Changes Into Your Daily Routine

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How to Work Small Fitness Changes Into Your Daily Routine

There’s one thing you never have enough of – time.

In this fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity and between kids, work and school, it’s tough to fit everything in. Whether you’re a seasoned exerciser or new to working out, you’ve likely discovered there are days when a workout just isn't going to happen.

Exercise isn't just about how many hours you log in the gym – it’s about moving and keeping your muscles active. With a few modifications, you can squeeze a little more fitness into your daily routine.

Out and About

Part of the daily grind is running errands and it’s especially frustrating when errands are taking up valuable exercise time.

Whether you’re stopping at the post office, supermarket or home improvement store, park far away. You’ll get your heart rate up walking to and from the store entrance.  Grocery shopping? Don’t be efficient. Zigzag across the store to up your steps-per-day. Wearing a pedometer is an excellent way to see how much you’re actually moving.

If you’re serving as your children’s cab driver, use your time in the car to focus on your posture. Pull your shoulders back and down and tighten your abdominal muscles.

At Home

There are multiple opportunities at home to work in a set of squats: from brushing your teeth to blow-drying your hair or even washing the dishes.

Does Fido need a walk? Go with him and use that as an excuse for a little cardio. If you’re waiting for your kids to get ready or for laundry to dry, drop down and do a couple sets of abdominal crunches, but be mindful not to pull the neck forward and to lift the shoulders up. Use Family Movie Night as a chance to do a set of planks, lunges and jumping jacks. Better yet, suggest a physical activity the family can do together, like playing tag, soccer or hiking.

Lunch Time Fitness

Nowadays, more companies are realizing that better employee health equals a bigger bottom line.

See if your office building offers a fitness center or any lunchtime classes.  If not, investigate the possibility of nearby facilities and trade a high calorie lunch out for a soothing yoga break. Alternatively, use the first half hour of your lunch for a brisk walk and the second half to eat.

Sneak-It-In Stretching

Waiting for a meeting or a conference call to start? Use those extra few minutes to stretch. Raise your arms above your head and reach as high as you can, then bend forward at the hips and reach toward the floor for a great low back/hamstring stretch.

Date Night

Instead of an expensive meal out, try something different together. Take a dance class, a golf lesson or try your luck at the batting cages. Moreover, gyms and fitness studios often cater to couples and offer couples yoga or stretching.

Special Considerations

Because these changes may involve multi-tasking, don’t forget to pay attention to your form. If you experience any sharp pain, stop immediately and consult your physician or a certified fitness professional.

Take Home Lesson

The best-case scenario is to schedule your workouts. Of course, that isn't always possible or practical, so take note of these small fitness changes to work into your daily routine while you take care of business and family. Doing just a little something is a lot healthier than nothing.