IHRSA 2014: Preva for Android, On Demand and Discovery™ Series Strength Updates

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IHRSA 2014: Preva for Android, On Demand and Discovery™ Series Strength Updates

Even if you can't be in sunny San Diego for IHRSA 2014, we still wanted to bring you the biggest announcements from one of the fitness industry's largest trade shows of the year. This year, we have two announcements in regard to Preva® networked fitness and a big update of our Discovery™ Series Strength line. Check out all the news below. IHRSA 2014 Precor Proud Sponsor

Preva Mobile app now available for Android devices

We're proud to announce all you Android users can now track your fitness goals and progress with the Preva Mobile app, now available for download in the Google Play store. Preva for Android With the Preva Mobile app, you can:

  • Get focused: Set a weekly fitness goal and track your progress as duration, distance or calories
  • Get active: Stay on track and capture all of your other fitness activities on the go
  • Get recognized: Earn badges, points and bonuses
  • Get connected: All your workouts count toward your weekly goal and can be viewed on networked Precor fitness equipment
  • Get motivated: As your lifetime totals add up, Preva will challenge you to achieve the next level
  • Get guidance: Scan the QR code on Precor Discovery Strength equipment to view a demo video and enter your sets and reps

Introducing Video On Demand: Curated Music and Entertainment Playlists

We've announced a significant update to Preva networked fitness: Video On Demand, allowing users to select from curated music and entertainment playlists via YouTube.

Precor Video on Demand YouTube P80

This new feature includes genre-specific music video playlists organized by workout intensity level. Other updates to Preva networked fitness include easier goal-setting and broader platform support.

"Preva networked fitness is one of the key ways we differentiate from the competition and being able to now offer Video On Demand gives us an even greater edge. It’s a game-changer; there is no easier or better way to connect exercisers with the content they love. It’s a great way to encourage longer, more frequent workouts."

- Darren Gillespie, Anytime Fitness Owner (downtown Seattle)

New Discovery Series Strength Equipment

The Discovery Series Selectorized Line has been updated and expanded upon to include 24 distinct pieces of strength equipment.

Unique to several machines of the Discovery Series Selectorized Line is Advanced Movement Design™, which challenges exercisers’ muscles through enhanced ranges of motion. Advanced Movement Design allows users of all fitness abilities to build up their strength routine over time, increasing results.

New to the Discovery Series Selectorized Line are:

  • Diverging Lat Pulldown
  • Diverging Low Row
  • Converging Chest Press
  • Converging Shoulder Press
  • Seated Calf Extension
  • Abdominal

Which of these announcements are you most excited about? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!