IHRSA 2015: AMT Team Fit, New Strength Equipment and the Preva Exerciser Activity Report

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IHRSA 2015: AMT Team Fit, New Strength Equipment and the Preva Exerciser Activity Report

The biggest fitness trade show of the year has arrived: IHRSA 2015 in Los Angeles.

This year, we're showcasing our new Experience Series™ treadmills and making four big announcements: AMT® Team Fit, new Discovery™ Series equipment, the Preva® Exerciser Activity Report for operators and Suunto Movescount integration.

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AMT Team Fit: Trainer-led small group classes

Bring exercisers of all fitness levels together in a fun way with our new Adaptive Motion Trainer® (AMT) Team Fit classes, designed specifically for small groups of exercisers and led by expert trainers.

Exercisers will be able to reach their maximum workout efficiency by taking advantage of the AMT’s ability to easily adjust between stride length, height, motion path, and resistance. Boot Camp, HIIT Training, and Foundations for Beginners are currently options for trainers to focus on.

“The AMT Team Fit program helps members and staff fully understand the capabilities of the AMT. Members loved participating in expert-led workouts that helped them realize their fitness goals, while trainers felt more empowered by helping members experience a completely new and different workout on a unique piece of equipment.”

- Alex Ciambrone, Fitness Director at Mission Valley YMCA

Discovery Series Plate-Loaded adds four redesigned pieces

Four redesigned pieces from the Discovery Series Plate-Loaded line provide functional performance elements critical for exercisers of all experience levels. These four pieces include:

  • Smith Machine, with an open walk-through design
  • Angled Leg Press, with a unique curved footplate allowing for better stability and greater comfort
  • Squat Machine, with a non-skid foot platform and rotating shoulder pads angled for optimized ergonomics
  • Hack Squat, with "Hip Sled" design that prevents loading of the spine for an effective and comfortable workout
“Recently, strength training has gained popularity, so it’s critical for facilities to have strength pieces that appeal to a wide range of exercisers. The Discovery Series plate-loaded equipment is inviting and intuitive for those who are new to strength training, but also incorporates features that the most experienced exercisers demand.”

- Pete Borchert, Senior Product Manager for Precor Strength

Preva Exerciser Activity Report: Cardio floor data for operators

With the new Preva Exerciser Activity Report, it's easy for operators to gain insights into exerciser activity on cardio equipment. This new feature within the Preva Business Suite dashboard provides detailed data to operators, such as usage trends, contest participation, goals and accountability for supplemental workouts.

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“We discovered that operators face a huge barrier when it comes to running personalized in-club promotions that keep members engaged. The Preva Exerciser Activity Report gives operators a business edge — the report offers detailed information about members’ equipment usage, patterns and preferences, which operators can use to deliver personalized class and service recommendations that can help to grow business.”

- Jeff Bartee, Precor Principle Product Manager for Networked Fitness


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Preva and Suunto Movescount integration

Precor and Suunto will be integrating fitness tracking platforms, making it easier than ever for exercisers to keep track of both their indoor and outdoor workouts.

Suunto Movescount, primarily used to capture exercisers’ workout data for outdoor sporting activities, will soon be able to sync with Precor 880 cardio equipment and the Preva app to log indoor strength and cardio workouts. Exercisers will be motivated by their ability to monitor their cumulative progress toward fitness goals, leading to more consistently-engaged gym users.

This integration will be available starting in the first half of 2015.

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“We know that people don’t train exclusively in the gym or outdoors, they do both. Knowing this, we wanted to give fitness enthusiasts a way to track their indoor and outdoor training effectively and help them follow their progress. By connecting Movescount and Preva, exercisers can work towards their fitness goals regardless of where they train.”

- Kalle Laine, Suunto Digital Services Manager

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