Liven Up Your Workout: New Fitness Trends

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Liven Up Your Workout: New Fitness Trends

From fusion classes to flying through the air like a circus performer, the options to get fit these days are limitless. Try adding some of these new fitness trends to your cardio and strength routine for a fun way to get - and stay - in shape.


Silk isn’t just for sheets anymore. Popularized by circus-themed shows, aerial silks are an effective way to build muscle strength, stamina AND conquer your fear of heights. Bodyweight workouts are all the rage and aerial silks exemplify using your own bodyweight as resistance, in addition to nurturing flexibility and core strength.

Safety is key with aerial workouts - do not try at home. Visit a studio or gym specializing in aerial silks and get proper direction from a professional.

On The Ropes

Ropes and obstacle courses are experiencing a resurgence thanks to an increase of obstacle course races. Originally used for team-building exercises, ropes and obstacle courses are an excellent way to test your strength, stamina and willingness to try something new. Grab a group of friends and challenge each other.


It’s a modern day treasure hunt for adults and children. All around the world people are hiding things for YOU to find. Using a specific set of GPS coordinates, navigate to a specific location to look for a hidden item. Geocaches are located in city parks, alongside roads or via complicated and challenging hikes.

Check the route before you go to make sure your treasure hunt is going to keep your heart rate up. The “treasure” inside a geocache varies - it may be a logbook and/or an item of value. To keep the fun going, plan to bring an item to replace the contents of a found geocache.

Jump, Jump!

Indoor trampoline centers are springing up all over the place. While it’s an ideal way to entertain the kids during hot summer months, it’s also a fantastic workout. Jumping burns calories, increases heart rate and uses just about every muscle in your body. Surprisingly, it’s also low impact - the trampolines absorb about 80% of the shock.

Dance Your Way to Fitness

The popularity of dance competition television shows means dance class options have spiked in the last few years. Whether you’re into swing, contemporary or ballroom, there are beginner dance classes available for every style. Because you’re focusing on learning steps and practicing proper form, it’s easy to forget that you’re getting a great workout.

Go Retro!

Did you have any idea hula-hoops have made a comeback? Grab one and hoop to your heart’s content. Hula hooping is an excellent cardiovascular workout and if you can keep the hoop up long enough, it’s anaerobic as well. If you want more direction or would like to learn advanced moves, check the internet for offerings in your area.

Surf’s Up!

Ever wanted to try surfing but live in a landlocked area? Surfset is a unique new workout performed on a stationary balance “surfboard.” It aims to duplicate the same movements and techniques used in surfing - no ocean required! Heavy on rotational core stabilization and training, Surfset teaches you how to manipulate and navigate your way through one of the most challenging sports.

Virtual Reality

If you want to try out that snazzy new workout, but come to find that it's not available at a facility near you, virtual classes might be the way to go.

Online fitness classes are a convenient new way to try those coveted fitness-fusion offerings. Whether the workouts you want aren’t available in your area or you’re short on time, virtual sessions open up a wide range of possibilities for workouts. Personal training has even entered the online arena - meet with your favorite trainer regardless of location.


While it may be tempting to jump headlong into one of these options, start with a beginner option first. Be mindful of any physical limitations and if you’re taking a class, let your instructor know. With the right attitude, just about any physical activity can be an effective workout.

What are your favorite new ways to exercise? Let us know in the comments!

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user Michael Saechang)