Manage Your Gym's Social Media with This Checklist

For Gym Operators

Manage Your Gym's Social Media with This Checklist

As a fitness facility operator, there often isn't time to get to everything you'd like to do.

Because it seems like it can take so much time to keep up with, social media can often fall through the cracks. But it can be an important communication tool so you can reach your members at their convenience. Use this checklist to take care of your gym's social media efforts for an hour or two each week.

✔ Schedule your tweets ahead of time (1 hour per week)

Pre-planning tweets saves you a lot of time while allowing you to focus more on meeting your personal social media goals, and there are three great applications you can use for scheduling your tweets.

First, Tweetdeck is only for use with Twitter accounts; while it has an intuitive interface, you need to manually schedule your tweets. Meanwhile, Buffer has scheduling tools with analytics and it integrates with the Google Chrome browser to give you options while surfing to tweet a link now or at a specific time in the future. And lastly, Hootsuite offers an auto-scheduling feature that will post your tweets at the optimal time that they calculate your target audience is most likely to see your tweets.

Hootsuite also lets you add multiple social networks besides just Twitter. Remember not to promote the same link more than a couple times per week, and when you do, make the tweet unique each time. Furthermore, a good rule of thumb is to make promotional tweets about 20 percent of the content you tweet, and about 80 percent links to valuable and interesting content from others.

✔ Respond to comments on your Facebook page daily (10 minutes per day)

Because of Facebook's post-ranking algorithms, only a small percentage of your followers organically see your posts in their newsfeeds.

While posting at least once daily is a good suggestion, one of the most effective ways to maintain steady interest with your Facebook fans is to respond to comments and posts from your followers. Always thank others for their feedback and invite them to share ideas, but don't wait too long to delete comments from those who repeatedly trash your page with negative criticism or spam links.

✔ Explore Google+ trending-topics page (15 minutes per week)

Google+ is like a miniature blog that loves images and videos, in terms of search-engine rankings.

Find great posts and get inspiration for new ones of your own by diving into their trending topics page to get the most current information about what's hot in the fitness world right now. These posts can be great gems to share with your own circles and might also give you ideas for new posts.

✔ Get involved with the sources of "gymspiration" on Pinterest (10 minutes per week)

Pinterest inspires people through attractive images, so use it to connect with other "power-pinners" in the field of fitness who are already doing just that to benefit from their influence and build a more popular online presence for your gym.

For example, if you type "gymspiration" into the Pinterest search bar, you'll see all of the hottest pins made by people who love to work out. Find the ones with the most re-pins and start following the boards they are pinned to, as well as repinning their top pins with your own comments to build important relationships and an audience.

✔ Respond to your gym's reviews on Yelp and update your gym's profile (15 minutes per week)

According to the Social Media Examiner website, "Positive reviews on Yelp add a tremendous amount of social proof for your business, not to mention increase your all-important star rating."

Yelp provides a reliable source of reviews from a large user base, and it's a common practice for many people to read a gym's reviews before they consider going there or joining. If someone left you a comment about how to improve after you've claimed and fully completed your gym's Yelp profile, respond to let them know that you care about providing great services to the public.