Meet the Precor Master Coaches: Sylvie Patrick

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Meet the Precor Master Coaches: Sylvie Patrick

Originally from France, I landed in the U.S. 15 years ago to call Miami home. I was born with a nuclear energy level that I attempt to tame by playing golf or rock climbing. I empower my clients to unlock their full physical potential while staying free of injuries. I have run marathons and triathlons side-by-side with my clients and feed on their feeling of accomplishment at the finish line.

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Precor has more than 50 Master Coaches in 20 countries around the world. These Master Coaches deliver workshops on Precor equipment, develop curriculum for new onsite training courses, contribute to our blogs, and provide premier coaching at tradeshows and events. Our “Meet the Precor Master Coaches” blog series highlights different members of our global team, giving you the chance to get to know them. Enjoy!

What got you into fitness?

I got into fitness teaching rock climbing and ascending and rappelling techniques to adventure racers. I was a rare user of Whole Body Vibration and made a change of career after 10 years in corporate to open my training studio.

What fitness certifications do you hold?

I am a Master Trainer in Whole Body Vibration and specialize in recovery and injury prevention. I teach accredited courses for Trigger Point Therapy and Evidence Based Fitness Academy.

Why did you want to be a Precor Master Coach?

I wanted to become a Master Coach for Precor because I am impressed with their commitment to quality and safety.

What is your favorite piece of Precor equipment and why?

I like the Precor Functional Training System and can't wait to play more with Queenax equipment, but must admit that the AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) is an amazing piece of cardio equipment.

What is your favorite move to do on Queenax equipment?

My favorite move on Queenax is the squat on the super functional. What a challenge!

What’s your favorite personal fitness story or memory?

My favorite success stories are always related to clients who overcome physical injuries and handicap. I work with TBI (traumatic brain injury) and MS (multiple sclerosis) clients. When I can help someone claim back their independence and motion, it makes my work all worthwhile. We take for granted walking but for some it is the ultimate achievement.

What’s your favorite fitness mantra?

If better is possible, good is never enough!

What’s your favorite movie?

My favorite movie must be Forest Gump. Never give up and live to the fullest. Run, Forest, run!

Give us a random fun fact about yourself!

I still try to use English idiomatic expressions but never at the right moment, which create really fun lost-in-translation moments. For example, I had 10 people bringing me bags of rice for my housewarming party. I thought, it must be a custom in the U.S. for people to bring rice to newcomers! I found out at the end of the party that no one could understand my voicemail message and they all thought I was asking for rice instead of "bring a bag of ice"!

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