A Nantucket Garage Opens Up to an Idyllic Home Gym

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A Nantucket Garage Opens Up to an Idyllic Home Gym

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Who lives here: A couple with adult children
Location: Nantucket, Massachusetts
Size: 285 square feet (26.5 square meters)
Designers: Bill McGuire, president, and Stephen Theroux, designer, at Nantucket Architecture Group

The backstory: Bill McGuire and Stephen Theroux of Nantucket Architecture Group had been to this home before. They had actually remodeled the main home twice: once for the previous owners and once for the current owners. This time, the current homeowners wanted to turn the garage along the driveway into a home gym.

The problems: The garage had no plumbing, electricity or insulation. It only had concrete block walls from the 1920s and dirt up to the roofline on three sides, McGuire says. Without electricity and water, the homeowners could not have air conditioning, powered equipment or a sauna that they wanted.

The challenges: The home has a long, narrow road, which made hauling supplies and large pieces of machinery more difficult and time-consuming. The whole project took seven months, and McGuire says the challenge of the road added an extra month.

Before Photo, original photo on Houzz

Before: The old concrete floor was removed, and new concrete flooring was installed. They also installed plumbing lines and electrical outlets.

Jeff Allen Photography, original photo on Houzz

Jeff Allen Photography, original photo on Houzz

After: The bright white garage doors open up to a home gym, complete with multiple pieces of workout equipment, weights and mirrors. 

Flooring: The workout equipment sits on top of a rubber mat flooring, which covers the new concrete and gives the homeowners a more forgiving surface to work out on.

Doors: The white garage doors that swing open were created specifically for the garage. The previous doors were no longer operable.

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“Thistle Help” sign: Nantucket Carving and Folk Art; garage door: custom by contractor Kyle Snell

Nantucket Garage 4: Before Photo, original photo on Houzz

Before: The project’s contractor dug out this alcove to make room for the sauna. It previously had about 3 feet of dirt in this rectangle of space.

After: A sauna with a bench sits inside the doors of the home gym. 

Sauna design: The sauna has a curved ceiling, which prevents water from collecting on the ceiling and then dripping down onto occupants. Instead, the water can collect and run down the sides of the steamy room. “There’s nothing worse than being in a hot sauna and then have a cool drop fall on you from above,” McGuire says. 

Modern conveniences: The home gym not only gained air conditioning, but it also has a TV, overhead lights and a stereo system. 

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Paint color: White, Benjamin Moore; flooring: Rubber Flooring; sauna system: Mr. Steam

Jeff Allen Photography, original photo on Houzz

Workout equipment: The homeowners picked out and purchased all the workout equipment. The design team worked with them to make sure the units they picked could all fit into the space. 

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Ceiling: The design team replaced the gabled ceiling with a curved mahogany ceiling. “This was just something really cool we were able to do in the small space,” McGuire says. “It’s probably my favorite part of the project.”

Contractor: Kyle Snell in Nantucket, Massachusetts

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