Operators and Managers: Free Social Media Updates for Your Gym

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Operators and Managers: Free Social Media Updates for Your Gym

One of the easiest ways to engage with your gym’s members – and to capture the attention of potential members – is through social media. It provides you a platform to actively promote your business and the unique features that your gym offers, as well as helpful tips and information that your gym members will find interesting and useful.

In the past, we’ve given you some insight on how to manage your gym’s social media and how you can boost your gym’s social media presence. Now we’re taking it one step further by providing you with actual ideas for content that you can share on your facility’s social media pages, based on what we share through the Precor social media channels.

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Here are just a few relevant topics that you should consider sharing as social media updates with your gym members:

Information on Your Gym’s Equipment

Exercisers may be unaware of how to use a certain piece of equipment, or why they should use it. Sharing instructional videos and blog posts that highlight the benefits of using particular types of equipment is a great way to inform members when they may be too shy to ask a trainer or for those who are looking to expand their fitness routines.

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Workout Ideas

Your gym’s members might get stuck in the same-old routine, or crave a new, exciting workout without knowing where to begin. Help them realize how important variety is to their exercise by sharing workout ideas that incorporate HIIT, strength circuits, or AMT intervals. Visit the Precor Coaching Center for training tips, exercise routines, and inspiration that is perfect for passing along to your facility’s members.

Precor Exerciser Education

General Fitness and Health Tips

Our blog is packed full of information that pertains to keeping exercisers at the peak of wellness. From ways to kick-start your metabolism to making sure that you are drinking enough water every day, and even ways to motivate yourself to get to the gym, this is the kind of informative content that is valuable to exercisers.

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