Operators: How to Attract More Fitness Clients in Any Season

For Gym Operators

Operators: How to Attract More Fitness Clients in Any Season

All business owners in the fitness and wellness industry need to accommodate for high and low seasons.

You've likely noticed that some months are marked by an influx of new fitness clients followed by a decline in visits and activity. Marketing your gym, health club, or other fitness-related business year round is essential for staying one step ahead of the competition. There are several things you can do to keep that gym or appointment book full month after month.

Introduce New Themed Classes

Whether it's a boot camp class or AMT Team Fit, add a few themed classes to the roster to encourage existing clients to come back and bring a friend. New classes can keep members motivated and also pique the interest of prospective clients. Potential customers who notice a gym is always changing things up and introducing new things may be more interested in becoming a long-term member.

Host Fitness or Wellness Workshops

Encourage personal trainers, on-site nutritionists, and other wellness experts on staff to share their knowledge and expertise with a workshop.

Make some or all of these workshops open to the public to raise awareness about the topic and generate more interest in your fitness business. Post these as public events on Facebook and promote them on Twitter to attract new clients to the venue. This can help introduce more people to the club or gym and give everyone a chance to meet personal trainers and wellness professionals in person.

Promote Your Group Fitness Classes

Some people may be intimidated by the idea of joining a new gym because they don't know anybody there or because they might feel out of place. Put the spotlight on some of your group fitness classes and highlight how group fitness creates a sense of camaraderie among attendees. Posting photos on Facebook (or publishing them in membership brochures) and sharing reviews or ratings about different classes on your website may prompt some prospective members to join.

Encourage Members to Bring a Friend

Host bring-a-friend days at the gym or wellness center a few days each month where the guest can enjoy the facilities free of charge for the day. This can help bring new members into the club and give them a chance to interact with staff members and a membership coordinator. Members who bring friends who do sign up for a membership may be eligible for discounts or some type of referral bonus.

Drop Membership Rates During Slower Seasons

Encourage new member sign-ups by running specials or promotional rates on memberships during certain times of the year.

If you can't change rates, consider adding in some complimentary personal trainer sessions or other freebies to encourage new members to join. Consider the times of year when potential clients may be more conscientious about their weight and appearance -- weeks leading up to spring break season, at the start of the year and right before summer.

Run an Ongoing Referral Rewards Program

Maintain a referral rewards program so existing members earn points or a credit on their membership.

This can be as simple as offering a discount on products or supplements you sell, or an electronic rewards program where members earn points for every referral that turns into a new client. For example, members could earn a set amount off their monthly membership for each new member they introduce to the gym or club, or earn an in-house credit that they could use toward any purchase. Choose a program that is easy to implement and maintain for the long-term so you can train staff easily and keep up with extending rewards to participating members.

Another great way to attract more fitness clients is to build a sense of community within your gym. Learn more with the free Precor white paper for download: