Precor & Spinning®: Moving Forward Together

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Precor & Spinning®: Moving Forward Together

Spin® is in, there’s no question about that, and we’re pleased to announce that our company, Precor, and Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc., the creators of the Spinning® indoor cycling program, the indoor cycling category and Spinner® line of indoor cycles, are joining forces. As part of this partnership, we are working together to develop an entirely new range of bikes and education resources that will help incorporate Spinning® into your fitness facility’s offerings.

'You may be thinking, “Spinning has been leading the pack for a while – what makes this new partnership unique?”

Here’s how: by combining the innovative minds at Precor and Spinning, we will bring you a whole new indoor cycling experience. We’re taking the engineering technology and expertise, reliability, and robust product experience that Precor is known for, and pairing it with the educational experience, strong reputation, and dynamic culture of Spinning. Together, we’re producing a whole new line of commercial Spinner bikes that are sure to wow exercisers of all levels and capabilities.

To find out more, watch the video below, where Precor President, Rob Barker and Mad Dogg CEO, John Baudhuin talk about this exciting news and how it can work for your facility.

Visit our website to get the full scoop and read on to find out the top reasons why Spinning may be a perfect fit for your facility.

1. Bring in the specialized studio experience

Studio cycling classes are all the rage right now. Implementing a Spinning class into your gym’s offerings is a great way to round out traditional gym classes and to make your facility stand out from the crowd. Adding these engaging Spin® classes to your membership menu also presents a golden opportunity to drive additional revenue.

2. Fun for Everyone

Spinning offers a total body, low-impact workout, which makes it an ideal exercise option for everyone from the cycling newbie to the peloton pro. In addition, Spinning participants can also personalize their workouts with the twist of a resistance dial, giving them the workout that’s right for their individual fitness level and increasing the likelihood that they’ll stay engaged, see results, and keep coming back to your facility for more.

Spinning lifestyle

3. Join a global network of enthusiasts

Spinning classes are held in more than 80 countries, with instructor trainings taught in 25 languages. There are over 140 Spinning Master Instructors globally, and 200,000 people around the world have been certified in the Spinning Program. Becoming a part of this global community gives you the “in” to a whole new world of potential educational and training resources.

Stay connected for more information on the Precor and Spinning partnership.

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