Preva® 7.0: Entertainment at Your Exercisers’ Fingertips

For Gym Operators

Preva® 7.0: Entertainment at Your Exercisers’ Fingertips

Unique to Precor is the Preva® operating system that powers networked fitness on Precor consoles providing exercisers with the personalized, goal-focused fitness and media experience they are looking for. It also allows operators to have a fully integrated business system within their facility by providing a comprehensive understanding of how members workout.

Precor Networked Fitness also helps operators to differentiate themselves from the competition by bringing new services to their exercisers such as training systems, media, and content delivered in an easily accessible way. It is proven to increase facility visits and retention by helping operators communicate with exercisers directly through the consoles in their facility, and providing their members with access to personal accounts and web-based entertainment to make fitness fun!

We’re taking our commitment of “Fitness Made Personal” to a whole new level with the release of our newest Preva update. Read on to learn what this exciting news means for your facility.

What’s New

In releasing Preva 7.0, Precor has broken the entertainment barrier by becoming the first in the industry to give exercisers the convenience of single sign on to access their personal entertainment apps on the Precor console. The first time exercisers log into their personal entertainment app from the console, the exerciser can save their credentials to Preva, thus never requiring them to manually log-in for future workouts. They’ll have single touch access to their workouts and favorite entertainment and training apps when logged into the Preva operating system.

New entertainment applications that will be available* are:

  • Netflix®
  • Hulu®
  • Spotify®
  • iHeartRadio®
  • WatchESPN®

Where to Find Preva 7.0

Is your facility’s equipment getting the update? If you have networked Precor cardio equipment, then yes! The P82 (15-inch screen) and P62 (10-inch screen) consoles will all receive the software update if networked.

How to Access

Operators, check out this video on how to manage the apps available to your gym.



Share this short video with your members so they can learn how to access the personal audio and video entertainment apps through the Precor touchscreen consoles. Once they’ve entered their account login and password for personal audio and video entertainment accounts, they will not have to do so again during future workouts. It is as easy as that!




Check out our Facebook Live at Fitness SF to learn more!



Contact a Precor representative if you are interested in learning more about how to get your Preva® 7.0 upgrade today.

*Note: Entertainment applications may vary based on your location.