Q&A: Harley Pasternak on Current Fitness Trends

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Q&A: Harley Pasternak on Current Fitness Trends

In a world of ever-changing trends and advice, it's difficult to know what you should be paying attention to -- the fitness world is no different.

Gary Weingarten, one of our own commercial sales representatives, recently sat down with none other than Harley Pasternak to get some valuable insight on current fitness trends. A well-known celebrity trainer, nutritionist, and friend of Gary's, Harley addresses a few topics that are relevant to both the exerciser and fitness facility operator.

What is your impression of the fitness tracker tools craze?

Harley: "I think fitness tracker tools are an essential tool to looking and feeling your best. All of my clients use a Fitbit and focus on being active from the moment they wake up to the time they go to bed. As a result, they're more active throughout the day and therefore burn more calories. Using a Fitbit also creates a sense of community and an element of healthy competition."

What fitness industry trends do you think will last? Any trends you think won't last?

Harley: "Old standbys like dumbbells, barbells, and simple selectorized resistance equipment aren't going anywhere. Abstract, "organic" pieces like technokinesis are too aesthetic-driven and not simple to use. The same applies with vibration equipment (i.e. Powerplate). It's not necessary, big, expensive and based on weak science."

Do you have any tips for the sedentary person looking to make a lifestyle change?

Harley: "Fitbit is an essential tool to anybody wanting to be more physically active. Try and take at least 10,000 steps a day. Rather than being overwhelmed by a long exhaustive "workout", focus on doing one to two resistance exercises every day of the week.  And last, become good friends with your blender. Blending is a great way to overcome the time excuse as a barrier to preparing healthy meals. Check out my new blender."

For facilities looking to grow their personal training offerings, what advice do you have?

Harley: "Hire full-time trainers, not aspiring playwrights or bouncers who train part-time. Ensure they are educated and dedicated. Second, offer free consults. This is a great way to create new introductions to possible PT clients."

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