Queenax Countdown to Summer: Moves of the Day


Queenax Countdown to Summer: Moves of the Day

The official start of summer is nearly here!

We’ll be welcoming summer on June 20th, which means sunshine, warm days, cool beverages, and fun times outdoors. We want to make sure you’re ready to take on summer headfirst, so we’ve compiled 20 Queenax exercises that will assist in your training for several essential summertime activities: board sports, running, climbing, rowing, golf, and swimming.

To make the prospect of summer even sweeter, we’re running an Instagram contest starting on June 1st: the #QueenaxCountdownToSummer. The prize? An awesome Precor swag bag that will keep your summertime workouts pumped up and going strong.

Read below for instructions on entering the contest, and be sure to follow us on Instagram. You can also check back here for each day’s exercise counting down to the first day of summer.

How to Enter the Instagram Contest

Each day from June 1st to June 20th, we’ll be posting a video on Instagram (and below) showing the Queenax Move of the Day.

In order to enter the contest, you simply need to follow @Precor on Instagram and post a video or photo onto your own Instagram account of you performing one of the Moves of the Day on a Queenax unit. You must also use the hashtag #QueenaxCountdownToSummer and tag @Precor in your post.

No Queenax unit at a gym near you? No worries! You’re also eligible to be a winner by reposting any Move of the Day to Instagram using the hashtag #QueenaxCountdownToSummer and tagging @Precor.


Queenax Moves of the Day

Board Sports

Surfing, wakeboarding, stand up paddle boarding - all of these sports and others in the board sports category demand a lot of core strength. Try out these exercises to improve your balance!

Day 1: Squat with Lateral Shift

Set the Superfunctional bar at level 4 or 5 of straps. Stand on UFO and hold on to front Superfunctional bar. Use hips to initiate a lateral shifting motion. Push off opposite foot to drive movement from side to side. Once motion is established, add a squat.

Day 2: Reciprocating Oblique Crunches

Today’s #QueenaxCountdowntoSummer “move of the day” is sure to have you ready to take on waves during any board sport of choice. The reciprocating oblique crunches are great to increase your core strength and coordination. Just follow the simple steps below:

Set feet on UFO and lift into a plank. Shift the platform side to side, and as speed increases, pull knees toward elbow on one side. At end of range of motion, swing back to center. Repeat on opposite side, maintaining rhythm and flow.

Day 3: UFO Crop Circles

UFO Crop Circles are great for improving balance and coordination.

To perform crop circles, set the Superfunctional bar at level 4 or 5 of the straps. Stand on the UFO and hold on to front Superfunctional bar. Use your hips and ankles to initiate circular swing. Drive oscillating motion with hips and ankles. 

Day 4: Partner Plank Push Pull - Multiplanar

Make sure to grab a partner before hitting the gym today! Don’t miss this “move of the day” that will test both core and shoulder strength. Especially if you are water sports enthusiast, the Queenax Multiplanar Partner Plank Push Pull will get you in tip top shape for those weekend trips to the lake!  

Face your partner and put elbows on platform. Push and pull your partner front to back, side to side, or draw circles.


This sport requires a lot of leg and lower body strength. Fire up those muscles with these four exercises that can help improve your running.

Day 5: Knee Drive at Speed

So far we have tested your core strength, shoulder strength, balance, and coordination. Now it’s time to target your glutes, and what better day to do it than on #SundayRunday? The knee drive at speed is a great move to add to your training and help improve your power and stride with just a few steps.     

Stand facing frame with ankle strap on one ankle. Reach your foot back and then quickly drive knee to chest. Push your leg back to extended position and repeat. Perform this movement at a high speed for best results.

Day 6: Pistol Squat to Hip Extension - Same Leg

This Queenax Move of the Day will work your core, hip, and lower body strength all in one!

To do this move, set the Superfunctional bar at waist level. Stand directly behind training bar on single leg, and extend forward by hinging at the waist and pushing with the arms. Lift one leg. Slide back and swing leg through to drop into a Superfunctional Pistol Squat.

Day 7: Single Leg Suspended Squat - Front/Back Tap

Engage your ankles, knees, and hips with this Move of the Day.

To do these taps, set the Superfunctional bar at its lowest level. Stand on the bar with a single leg, then lift your leg and reach down to tap the ground in front of the bar. Lift your foot back to the center and then tap down behind bar. Do these while keeping knees in line with toes.

Day 8: Wall Bars Hamstring Mobility

If you're a runner struggling with hamstring flexibility, then this Move of the Day is just for you. Wall Bars Hamstring Mobility work is great to incorporate to help increase your flexibility and it only takes a few steps to perform. 

Face Wall Bars and rest one foot on bar at knee or waist height. Your raised leg should be bent at the knee. Hold on to a bar at chest height. Straighten your leg and maintain contact with both bars. Finally, bend knee to return to starting your position.


Along with board sports and running, another great summer sport is climbing. In order to be able to perform optimally, you need to have a strong grip, quick wrist reaction, and some killer core strength. Not able to check all these off your list? Well, we've got a series of great moves that will help you get ready for your next climb.

Day 9: Up Strength Double Ladder Climb

If you're into climbing, this Queenax exercise will help to improve your grip, wrist reaction, and core strength.

Here's how to do this exercise: grab both handles and lean back, while maintaining a plank position throughout movement. Release one handle and quickly catch the one below it. Repeat on opposite side, then release and catch handles to climb up and down ladder. 

Day 10: Mobile Parallels Dips with Rest

It is almost the weekend, which mean a lot more time to get some great workouts in and try some new things! During your weekend workouts try these Mobile Parallels Dips with Rest out to help increase your upper body pushing strength. It is always fun to mix it up and push your body to new limits. 

Try this move out: set hands and feet wide on Wall Bars. Keep chest upright while sitting back into hips and bending knees. Use arms and legs to extend into standing position.

Day 11: Superfunctional Alternating Pull-Ups

Who is up for some Superfunctional Alternating Pull-Ups on this Saturday morning? Follow these steps and get ready to fly up the side of a mountain in no time. These are definitely a climber's best friend.

Set the Superfunctional bar at high or overhead level. Orient your body along the length of the bar, placing palms in the center of the bar and gripping tightly. Pull up to one side, keeping your shoulders down and elbows close to body. Lower your body and repeat on the opposite side.


Calling all rowers! Being on the water is one of the best ways to stay active and cool as the summer weather approaches. Stay in peak condition with these moves that incorporate upper body and core strength. 

Day 12: Superfunctional Overhead Squat

The #QueenaxCountdownToSummer Move of the Day is the Superfunctional Overhead Squat, a great move to do if you want to put your full body to work.

To perform, all you need to do is: set bar at thigh height. Hold straight arms at head level in front of body. Squat down, allowing arms to pull back slightly while lowering to maintain alignment with spine. Stand up to return to starting position.

Day 13: Mobile Parallels Push-Pull

This challenging push-pull movement is excellent for training your upper body for your next rowing adventure. 

Set one parallel high and one parallel low. Hold on the high bar with an underhand grip and the low bar with an overhand one. Perform a push-pull movement to raise and lower body.

Day 14: Single Leg Row

Perfect for rowing practice, this exercise will work your pulling and core strength.

To do this move, hold the handles at shoulder height. Angle your body to find the appropriate resistance and raise one leg. Hold a plank position and bend elbows, pulling the chest up as arms draw back.


Who doesn't love a nice round of golf on a hot summer day? This sport can be relaxing to some, but don't forget that it's important to have powerful rotational strength in your core, and upper body strength to perfect your swings.

Day 15: Superfunctional Side Plank

This Superfunctional Side Plank will get your core in tip top shape and have you swinging through 18 holes with no problems.

For this Move of the Day, set the bar at the lowest level. In a side-lying position on elbow, lift feet on to bar in a staggered position. Position your hand on your hip, keeping your hip and shoulder in line.

Day 16: Torso Rotation Variations

Enhance your golf swing with these torso rotation variations that will build your core strength and work on your coordination.

Start with your arms extended, feet hip-width apart, and upper body facing frame. Alternate traveling low to high, horizontal, or high to low.

Day 17: Hanging Switch

Still looking to improve you golf game for the summer? Look no further than the Hanging Switch, today’s Move of the Day.  This is a sure-fire move that will put your upper body and core strength to work! 

Follow these steps to do this move: set the Superfunctional bar at overhead height. With straight arms, lift and bend legs to form two 90 degree angles. Twist your body to one side. Switch legs and twist to opposite side, maintaining scapular thoracic stability.


Swimming is one of those quintessential summer exercises, between days at the lake, visiting the water park, or lazy floats down the river. Make the most of your summer in the water by practicing these exercises which will work your upper body and give you the strength to push through water easily.

Day 18: Forward Lunge with Decline Fly

The #QueenaxCountDownToSummer exercise for today is the Forward Lunge with Decline Fly and it will have you flying through the water in no time at all. 

Using the Strong++, hold on to handles and stand tall with arms wide. With straight arms, step forward into a lunge and cross arms over forward knee. Step back and return to starting position.

Day 19: Superfunctional Swing Back

This is another great move to incorporate into your training to increase your core, upper body strength, and overall coordination. All of these come into play each time you jump in the water for a swim!  

The Superfunctional Swing Back only takes 4 simple steps to master: Set the Superfunctional bar at head level. Step back until the straps are tight and arms straight. Bend knees and run under the bar, keeping arms straight. At the end of the range of motion, lift legs and swing back to starting position.  

Day 20: I's, Y's, T's, M's 

Happy First Day of Summer! We've made it in our countdown, and we're starting summer off strong. These moves are intense for your back, and will help your swimming immensely.

Here's how to do the moves: Grab handles and reach straight arms directly over shoulders (“I” position). Lean back to find an appropriate training angle. Keep arms straight and bring them down to center. Open arms wide and reach up into a “Y” position. Return to center. Perform same movement with “T” and “M” positions.

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