Queenax™ Movement Library Poster

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Queenax™ Movement Library Poster

The Queenax Movement Library poster is available for download and includes over 30 movement suggestions for use with a variety of Queenax applications and optionals. This 24" x 36" is poster is recommended for facilities with less supervision in their Queenax areas. A QR code in the top right corner of the poster takes exercisers to a more comprehensive video movement library on the Precor Coaching Center. 

Three ways you might use this poster include:

  1. Post as a reference for exercisers in any Queenax training zone to provide a basic understanding of the capabilities of each training tool. 
  2. Post in a common training area utilized by fitness professionals to boost familiarity among staff especially when onboarding new team members. 
  3. Include the PDF on your webpage, social media accounts or add to email communications for easy access by members, potential members and training staff. 


Download the PDF of our Queenax Movement Library Poster. 

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Sarah Robertson is the Precor Marketing Education Coordinator. In addition, Sarah holds a Bachelor's degree in Sport Management, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Specialist. 

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