Queenax® of the Week: Core & More


Queenax® of the Week: Core & More

Written By: Angela Horner, Cooper Fitness Center Professional Trainer

Core & More is a circuit training program with an emphasis on functional core movement in static and dynamic modalities. Each week progresses with an amplification of the selected movement type and category. The four-week program finishes with a high intensity circuit that challenges the user to maximize work volume and cardiovascular capacity. While a few of these movements are unique to Superfunctional, many can be performed with other suspension fitness products such as TRX® or CrossCore®.

Equipment Needed

  • Queenax®
  • Wall Bars
  • Superfunctional™ 
  • Plyo Platform
  • Strong++™ 
  • Suspension Abs
  • TRX®
  • Up Strength™ 

Workout Recommendations

  • Perform each workout two times per week; follow the prescribed work and recovery intervals.
  • Allow at least one day of recovery between workouts.
  • Listen to your body; take extra rest days if you feel fatigued after only one recovery day.
  • Find videos of many of the movement patterns here, as well as set-up information for Superfunctional. 

View in the finder below or download them here