Right After Your Purchase - Starting Off Strong

For Gym Operators

Right After Your Purchase - Starting Off Strong

Congratulations on your decision to buy or replace the equipment in your facility with the latest Precor has to offer! Whether you’re new to our equipment or a veteran purchaser, you have the power of Precor behind you. We have a vast amount of resources available for staff training, facility promotion, and equipment maintenance to help you get the most out of your investment.

FOR YOUR STAFF: Knowledge is Power
The first group to consider after installing new equipment isn’t your exercisers – it’s your staff. For exercisers to truly embrace new technology and get the most out of the equipment, your staff must be knowledgeable and confident in how the equipment works and how it will benefit those they train. Educating your staff on the new features of the strength and cardio equipment is essential.

Your Precor purchase doesn’t just include equipment. You also get access to hundreds of resources Precor has created for you and your staff to reach your business goals. The Coaching Center (found at precor.com/education) is the go-to place for you to find the vast amounts of educational resources Precor provides to its customers.

From Workout of the Week to Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMT®) Small Group Training 101, your staff will get invigorated and motivated to try new workouts with your exercisers. Precor is proud of the assets it provides to keep you and your trainers up to speed on the products as quickly as possible. Most of these resources are free of charge.

If you have purchased a Queenax system, take advantage of all Precor offers for this functional training platform. The possibilities of the Queenax system are so vast that Precor offers eight hours of onsite training with a Master Coach* to ensure your staff is able to pass on the power of the system to your exercisers. There is also Workout of the Week for Queenax at precor.com/education that help ensure your investment is being used to its fullest potential.

FOR YOUR EXERCISERS: Communication is Key
With your staff confident in their understanding of the new equipment, they’ll help pass that excitement on to your exercisers. Reinvigorate your current programming with the new equipment and attract more users with the energy and enthusiasm you have created in your facility.

Social media is an excellent way to engage your exercisers. By building an online community through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, you can provide resources, motivation, and education any time of day. This is especially important as you share your excitement about your new Precor equipment.

There are some fun ways to showcase your new equipment on social media that go further than just posting a status update.

  • If your equipment hasn’t been installed yet, take a time-lapse video of the installation.
  • Have a personal trainer give a video tour of the updated space.
  • Engage with your online community to get them excited about their workouts on the new equipment.
  • Visit the Precor Resources section on precor.com to learn how you should be utilizing social media.

Communicating with your staff and your exercisers about the benefits of your new equipment will help them engage with the equipment in new ways.

FOR YOUR EQUIPMENT: Maintenance is Essential
The most important part of a new equipment install is, of course, the equipment – and making sure you’re getting the best value possible out of your investment. Similar to purchasing a new car, your new equipment will run better and retain more of its value with regular, scheduled maintenance.

Since you’ve invested in brand new equipment, the way you service and maintain it will not only ensure it’s running as best as possible, but also keep a high residual value a few years down the road. The better a machine is maintained, the longer it lasts and the higher its trade-in value. Keep records of the maintenance you have done on the machines to ensure you’ll re-coop as much of your investment as possible.

With treadmills, ellipticals, and AMTs, a semi-annual check-up is recommended. With limited or extended warranty packages, you’ll be able to take advantage of a Precor certified technician servicing your equipment. Strength equipment should be checked at least once a year to ensure the cables, upholstery, and labeling are still in top condition. With all Precor equipment, resolve any issues right away to ensure the machines last for years to come.

Precor equipment is a big step for your facility. Utilizing the resources available to you through Precor, you will be able to use the machines to their fullest potential and keep the equipment in top condition to ensure your investment will be valuable and worthwhile.

Our experienced field team is able to provide additional information and insights if you have specific questions.
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*Queenax Master Coaching is included with the purchase of a Queenax system valued at $10,000 (or €9,000) or more.