As Seen on TV: 6 Workouts from Your Favorite Characters

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As Seen on TV: 6 Workouts from Your Favorite Characters

TV characters – they’re just like us! Whether they’re talking, laughing, feuding or fighting, our favorite broadcast entertainers often remind ourselves of, well, ourselves. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that they also engage in the rewarding and challenging human activity of working out.

Below are 6 of our favorite television heroes, villains and everymen who break sweats on a weekly basis. The characters may be fictional – the exercises are not.

Don Draper on “Mad Men” – Swimming

When Don is trying to “find himself” – which is more often than not these days – he goes for a dip at his local gym’s Olympic-sized pool. The laps allow the conflicted Mr. Draper to clear his mind and (literally) float through his problems.

Another complicated character who enjoys her freestyle is everyone’s favorite fixer Olivia Pope, the hyper-stylish political gladiator of “Scandal.”

President Fitzgerald Grant on “Scandal” – Basketball

Speaking of Ms. Pope, her on-again, off-again paramour is a big fan of playing in the paint (often against his on-show romantic rival, Jake Ballard). Like our current real-life commander-in-chief, President Grant’s one-on-one skills are pretty impressive for someone who spends 95 percent of all waking hours in dark blue suits.

Frank Underwood on “House of Cards” – Rowing

Early in season one, this Machiavellian schemer really needed some down-time.

Consequently, his wife buys him a rowing machine – and despite initial reticence, Mr. Underwood embraces the exercise as he climbs the political ladder. While there’s no guarantee a rowing machine will make you a villainous politician, it can’t hurt…

Detective Sarah Linden on “The Killing” – Running

The pilot of “The Killing” kicks off with Detective Linden jogging through the forest on a foreboding, overcast Seattle day. (Though it should be noted that almost every day in Seattle is foreboding and overcast, according to this show.) Running proves to be the perfect metaphor for Linden through the series – demanding, determined and always pushing forward.

Chris Traeger on “Parks and Recreation” – Biking

To call Rob Lowe’s character a “biker,” however, shortchanges him considerably.

Chris Traeger is an all-around fitness geek. This orange-tanned, apex of health regularly shines in spandex fresh off a jog, a bike ride, or a workout on the NBC comedy. Through it all, Mr. Traeger’s blindingly white smile proves he is loving every minute of it.

Yoga Jones on “Orange is the New Black” – Yoga

Being in jail is stressful! So what better way to decompress and manage your breathing than with a few in-cell yoga poses? Unfortunately, not all of Ms. Jones’ fellow inmates have embraced her chill pastime. A few more cobra poses might help main character Piper deal with her new surroundings.

Which health-conscious TV characters have we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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