Sharing the Precor Creed with the World

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Sharing the Precor Creed with the World

On the walls in the Precor headquarters is a group of eight sentences that our employees live by every day. It's even read before each all-employee company meeting as a way to remind us that what we do each day can have such an enormous impact on people's lives.

It's the Precor creed, and we wanted to share it with the rest of the world because we think they're great words to remember:

I desire a life without limits. I believe fitness is key to living the life I desire. I believe in the power of the human spirit. I believe the human body is an amazing thing. I believe tomorrow will be even better because of my actions today. I believe in the importance of doing things right versus first. I believe in mutual respect and the overwhelming returns of sharing. I am the heart and soul of Precor.

Feel free to like, pin, share, and tweet the below graphics. Which line of the creed stands out and means the most to you?


Precor Creed Family


Precor Creed Running


Precor Creed Life


Precor Creed Spirit


Precor Creed Human Body


Precor Creed Today


Precor Creed Doing Things Right


Precor Creed Sharing


Precor Creed Heart and Soul

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