A Spring Workout to Get You Fit for Summer


A Spring Workout to Get You Fit for Summer

Flowers are beginning to bloom, the sun is peeking out more, and temperatures are (finally) rising. Spring is upon us, and we could not be more excited! If you’re looking forward to a summer of short shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits, we've compiled this spring workout just for you. Incorporate these moves into your regular workout, and pretty soon you’ll be ready to spring into summer and step onto the beach with confidence.

Warm Up (Like the Temperature)

We suggest starting your workout with a few sun salutations -- it only seems appropriate that the best way to ease into your exercise routine is by greeting those sunny mornings or afternoons with this favorite yoga sequence. Next, do some light aerobic exercise to build heat and get your heart pumping. Take advantage of the weather and go for a brisk walk, jog, or bike ride outside for 10 to 15 minutes.

Jump for Joy

Has the thought of all the sunshine-y months ahead got you adding a hop in your step? Put that extra little jump to good use by grabbing a jump rope. Just 15 minutes of jumping at a moderate pace can burn around 200 calories, and it’s a great cardio exercise that will work your upper and lower body. Cheap, portable, and fun, jump ropes are also known to offer flashbacks to childhood recess time (Double Dutch, anyone?).

Chisel Your Upper Body

Get your arms, shoulders, back, and abs ready for those poolside (or beachside) days ahead by doing some plank presses. Get into plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders, at shoulder-width apart, and step your feet back so that they’re a little wider than shoulder-width. Holding a 3- to 5- pound dumbbell, bring your right elbow back to shoulder level. Keep your palm facing down and your arm close to your side. Next, extend your arm straight in front of you. Return your right elbow to its bent position, and repeat. Once you’ve done 10 reps, switch over to your left arm and do 10 reps. Repeat this whole series 3 times, with 30 seconds of rest in between each one.

Climb Mountains

Prep your body for those summertime mountain treks by completing some cross-body mountain climbers. This strong move trains your hips, lower back, and abdominal muscles. Get into push-up position with your hands shoulder-width apart and your body in a straight line. Keeping your core sucked in, raise your right knee to your left elbow. Make sure your lower back keeps its posture. Return your right leg to its starting position, and then bring your left knee in to your right elbow. Continue alternating legs for sixty seconds, and repeat the series three times.

Strengthen Your Core

Russian twists are a fantastic way to tighten your core up and get your abs swimsuit ready. To do this exercise, elevate your legs and upper body so that you create a V-shape. Either clasp your hands perpendicular in front of you, or hold a weight in front of your chest with both arms. Engaging your core, twist your torso to the right side until your arms are parallel to the floor. Then move to the left side. Repeat over and over. Do 60 seconds of Russian twists, two times. To increase difficulty and really work your abdominal muscles, lean back as far as you can (while still keeping your back straight), and then twist.

Cool Down

Just like a refreshing glass of lemonade is the perfect way to unwind after a hot summer day, a cool down is the perfect way to round out your workout. Avoid aches and cramps tomorrow by staying hydrated and making sure you stretch out all of your major muscle groups. How else are you getting your ready for the sunny months ahead? Share with us in the comments below!