St. Patrick’s Day Workout: Getting Fit Irish-Style

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St. Patrick’s Day Workout: Getting Fit Irish-Style

Seeing St. Patrick’s Day on the horizon got us thinking about ways you could pair your celebration of all things Irish with your workout. Following are some fun ideas to help you shake up your St. Patrick’s Day workout routine and celebrate like you’re Celtic as Colin Ferrell. So throw on your best green sweats, pin on a shamrock, and follow one of these Irish-inspired workout ideas until you’re knackered.

Jig Like a Leprechaun

If you’ve ever caught any of Michael Flatley’s iconic Irish stepdancing show Riverdance, then you know Irish-style dance takes some pretty powerful leg muscles. For your St. Patrick’s Day routine, it might be fun to pretend you’re jigging across a stage for the day. You’ll want to focus on working out the lower half of your body to really whip those jumping legs into shape. Follow it up with ten minutes of jump rope—fancy leg movements optional—and you’ve got yourself a pretty complete workout.


Tone Up Those Pint-Lifting Arms (For Those Fruit Smoothies)

With many a toast to be made at your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, how about getting your arms ready for the fruit smoothie pint curling in your future? We’ve put together this easy 20-minute arm routine that will have your arms looking great when you clink glasses and shout, "slainte!"

Get Your Cardio in with Eireobics

The Gaelic word for the beautiful, green island of Ireland is “Eire,” so why not forgo the aerobics this St. Patrick’s Day in favor of something we like to call “eirobics.” Your first step for this Irish-inspired cardio workout is to fill up your music playlist with a heap of Irish artists. Some of our favorites to work out to are the Pogues, Snow Patrol, U2, Thin Lizzy, and Dropkick Murphys. The next step? Simply press play on your iPod, hop on the elliptical, and let the sounds of the Emerald Island inspire you as you sweat.

Make a Parade of it

If there’s one thing St. Patrick's Day is famous for (other than pub crawls), it’s the lively parades that bring out into the streets hoards of revelers bedecked in green. A great way to skip the drunken masses but still get the feel of a parade in your workout, is to try out a day of circuit training. Thirty minutes is a great way to burn up to 30 percent more calories than other workouts. If you really work hard, there’s self-satisfaction waiting fer ya at the end o’ the rainbow.

Eat Like a Dubliner

As always, it’s a good idea to follow up your fitness routine with a healthy dose of protein to help build muscle, especially if you’re doing a lot of weight training. Since St. Patrick’s Day was traditionally a feast day until the 70’s, it's a great time to enjoy some traditional Irish eats post-workout. We’d suggest a plateful of corned beef -- so high in protein -- and some cooked cabbage with potatoes and carrots to round out your Gaelic spread. After all, what's more Irish than that? As the Irish like to say, “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough!” But even if you weren’t born Irish, just remember that we’re all Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Have any workout ideas to add? Leave them in the comments. Erin go bragh!