Staying on Track: Where to Find Fitness Motivation

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Staying on Track: Where to Find Fitness Motivation

Whether you find yourself struggling to keep up with your New Year’s resolution, or are simply searching for some different ways to discover inspiration to fulfill your latest fitness goals, we've got your back! Explore these sources of motivation to find what speaks best to you and gets you pumped to achieve your dreams.

Your Gym

Next time you’re getting your workout on at the gym, find someone or a group of people who inspire you. Whether it’s because of their cool confidence in Zumba class, the weights on their barbell, or the way they make that plank seem so effortless, look at these people as motivating factors and tell yourself that you can be like them. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with your gym mentors and ask them about their workout routines; chances are, they’ve got some great tips, insight, and stories of their personal fitness journey to share. You may even find yourself a new workout buddy who can help keep you in check with reaching your goals!

Social Media

Inspirational Pinterest Board

In our world that is “connected” 24/7, people are constantly sharing, tweeting, and pinning inspirational content. Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin looking for health and fitness motivation and creative inspiration? Here’s a quick guide to some of the main social media networks out there:

  • Facebook: Log on to your Facebook account and start “liking” pages of those people or brands that motivate you -- whether it be a certain personal trainer, a celebrity with a killer body, or a fitness company. Having their statuses and photos appear regularly in your newsfeed will be a good reminder of what you want to achieve and why you liked their pages in the first place.
  • Twitter: Follow your favorite fitness programs, magazines, or bloggers for lots of tweets about healthy living, help getting and staying fit, and motivational quotes (all under 140 characters, so they’re short and sweet). To help you get started, here are 5 health and fitness experts you should follow on Twitter.
  • Pinterest: This idea-sharing social network is perfect for finding motivation, featuring workouts targeting specific body areas, advice on overcoming that nasty cold, amazing (yet healthy!) crock pot recipes, and everything else you could possibly imagine. Beware, though; this site is addicting! Check out our list of 5 Pinterest boards that will help you get and stay fit for ideas on getting started with Pinterest.
  • Youtube: Surf through literally millions of health- and fitness-related instructional videos, with topics ranging from preparing healthy meals to exercises you can do from the comfort of your home.
  • Instagram: Gather motivation by scrolling through hashtags full of beautiful images including nutritious food, short workout videos, and transformational photos.

Social media is a great source of fitness motivation because it allows you to bond with others who are in similar situations and work together to achieve your goals. Be sure to post your fitness goals and progress on your social media accounts (you can use the Preva Mobile app to do just that); this way, friends and family can help keep you accountable and make sure that you’re sticking with your goals.


Last, but never least, you should be one of your main motivators and sources of inspiration! This may seem obvious, but it's often overlooked. After all, you know yourself the best – your habits, aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, what challenges you, and what changes you want to make. Acknowledging your desire to make those changes drives you toward your ambitions. Take a second to sit back (or strike a relaxing yoga pose) and ask yourself what your fitness goals are, and how you can make the changes necessary to get you there! Where else do you find motivation to carry out your fitness goals?