Video On Demand Playlist: Country Medium Intensity

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Video On Demand Playlist: Country Medium Intensity

Nothing passes those long moments in the gym like entertaining music videos starring your favorite artists. And with Precor P80 consoles, there’s no reason for you to ever exhaust your choices before exhausting yourself.

Below are eight highlights from one of our favorite Video On Demand playlists: the 25-song "Country – Medium Intensity" list. (And if country’s not your thing, check out all the other Precor playlists.) Let’s start the analysis…

“Jolene” – Miley Cyrus (107 BPM)

Billy Ray’s wayward daughter crushes this cover of the Dolly Parton classic. Pleading with the titular character to ‘please don’t take my man,’ Cyrus looks uncharacteristically normal as she and her band jam in a back yard. A rhythmic guitar line will keep you motivated as you sweat.

“Man, I Feel Like a Woman” – Shania Twain (125 BPM)

Shania Twain blends country sensibility with pop guitars in her 1997 hit. The video does a gender flip on Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” with handsome, slick-haired fellas playing back up for Twain.The singer gets bonus points for rocking a top hat and veil like a boss.

“Colder Weather” – Zac Brown Band (139 BPM)

This slow jam is perfect for a cool down. The video features the very pretty Liam Hemsworth (ironically the aforementioned Miley Cyrus’ ex-fiance) who drudges through the winter woods looking for his beloved.

“Dirt” – Florida Georgia Line (122 BPM)

Who would have thought topsoil could be so romantic? Despite the video’s narrative device being a eulogy (not a spoiler), this is a very cute and poignant recounting of a couple’s lifelong romance through the metaphor of – you guessed it – dirt. The music kicks in about 20 seconds from the start, but the tempo is steady enough to keep you moving. It may keep you crying as well.

“One of Those Nights” – Tim McGraw (127 BPM)

Mr. Faith Hill has obviously been hitting the gym fairly hard himself – check out his progress in this music video about making music videos. It’s interesting to see behind the curtain of the production while being treated to this country superstar’s certified platinum hit. Workout-wise, you’ll be able to “turn it up to 11” jamming to this one.

“Drink to That All Night” – Jerrod Neimann featuring Pitbull (120 BPM)

Feel like mixing up genres? Jerrod Neimann pulls in pal Pitbull to rock this bassline-heavy remix. The video itself is pretty fascinating, pulling together hula hoops, billiards and a random football player. Consider it guaranteed to distract.

“Mine” – Taylor Swift (121 BPM)

Everyone’s favorite outspoken artist (well, not Apple's... or Spotify's) hits a young love bulls eye in this song from her third album, “Speak Now.” The “Mine” video won “Video of the Year” at the 2011 Country Music Awards and covers a romance between a commitment-phobic lady and her patient Romeo. 

For the other medium-intensity country hits, head on over to YouTube and see the rest of the playlist!

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