What Is Advanced Movement Design?™

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What Is Advanced Movement Design?™

One of several big announcements at IHRSA 2014 was our additions to the Discovery™ Series Selectorized Line of strength equipment, including new equipment that features Advanced Movement Design™.

Advanced Movement Design allows exercisers to challenge their muscles through a greater range of motion while also allowing them to build more muscle fibers through core engagement and stabilization. Like the rest of the Discovery Series Selectorized Line, the new Advanced Movement Design strength pieces are designed so they appeal to a first-time gym goer, the club's most dedicated member and everyone in between. The new pieces of equipment are:

Each piece provides exercisers a progressive platform, natural movement, ergonomic design and more effective workouts. You can find out more about each of these principles below.



Progressive Platform

As exercisers continue to improve their strength routine using the Discovery Selectorized Line, they'll find that equipment featuring Advanced Movement Design provides a natural next step. While this equipment adds variety to their routine, it also enhances core stabilization.

Natural Movement

With Advanced Movement Design, exercisers can now engage in more natural movements than ever before. Greater range of motion and muscle recruitment is allowed thanks to the converging and diverging axis that allows exercisers to push or pull on a more user-defined plane.

Ergonomic Design

Exercisers are guaranteed a smooth, natural and fluid motion with Advanced Movement Design. Reasons why include:

  • Angled movement arms
  • Elliptical-shaped handle grips
  • An improved pulley system

More Effective Workouts

Independent movement arms mean exercisers can expect an even more effective workout. The independent movement arms bring the exerciser greater balance and core muscle engagement during their routine. Interested in adding Advanced Movement Design strength equipment to your facility? Contact the Precor sales team, or check out the video below to learn more:

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