What Sets the Precor EFX® Apart From Other Ellipticals

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What Sets the Precor EFX® Apart From Other Ellipticals

A favorite of gym-goers and home exercisers worldwide, Precor Elliptical Fitness CrosstrainersTM (EFX®) are known for providing users of all types, from beginners to fitness aficionados, with an exceptional cardio workout experience. The fluid, ellipse-shaped motion of our EFX mimics the natural movement of your body, offering a nice deviation from normal walking or biking. Learn more about the distinctive factors that contribute to our award-winning ellipticals.

Innovative Company Culture

Given our company’s impressive history of creating innovative fitness equipment, Precor has always been a trusted name within the fitness industry.

In 1995, Precor introduced the EFX to the world – the first product of its kind. Since then, Precor has consistently stood at the forefront amongst competition, unveiling new models with the same high quality that users are accustomed to.

CrossRamp® Technology

Unique to Precor, our CrossRamp technology enables users to adjust which lower body muscle groups they would like to target, simply by changing the angle of the ramp. Offering 20 different incline settings, the CrossRamp angle can adjust to between 13 and 40 degrees. Exercisers’ stride lengths can range between 21 inches and 25 inches, depending on the machine’s incline. This technology is available on nearly all Precor ellipticals.

Resistance Levels

Precor ellipticals have 20 resistance levels. Whether you want to push your resistance to the max or take things easier, you are able to change the elliptical’s resistance with the quick push of a button. The powerful combination of 20 CrossRamp settings and 20 resistance options means that users of any fitness level are guaranteed a challenging, but entirely adaptable, workout that can be built up over time.


As with the Precor AMT®, EFX machines significantly reduce the impact on exercisers’ joints because their feet never leave the footpads. The impact of a person’s body weight upon landing when on a supported machine such as an EFX, is only 1.1 times their weight. Meanwhile, landing on the ground during running results in an impact of 2.5 times exercisers’ weight. The smooth, low-impact movements of the EFX are great news for those with bad knee conditions or people who are recovering from injury.

Upper-Body Moving Handlebars

Show your upper body some love, too! The addition of moving handlebars on most of our EFX machines means that you can have a total body workout. Work your shoulders, chest, back, and arms, in addition to your lower body. Our ellipticals also all have fixed handlebars for when you want to focus exclusively on working your legs or if you want added stability. Either way, your body is bound to feel a satisfying burn when you finish your EFX workout.

Personalized Software

Preva® is our own state-of-the-art, distinguished networked fitness software. Available on EFX machines that are equipped with our P80 consoles, and on-the-go through the Preva Mobile app, your Preva account keeps track of your fitness goals and progress. Thousands of exercisers around the world enjoy using the Preva technology for their personalized fitness experiences, and you can too! Download the Preva Mobile app for iOS and Android devices today to make your time on a Precor EFX (as well as with fitness in general) a fun, rewarding experience. Why do you love Precor EFX ellipticals? Tell us in the comments below!