What Will Preva Networked Fitness Do For Your Facility?

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What Will Preva Networked Fitness Do For Your Facility?

Adapted from “Smart Fitness Technology” by Rachel Zabonick, Club Solutions Magazine

Magnuson Athletic Club (MAC), located in Seattle, Washington, faced a challenge after opening two years ago. The club wasn’t attracting the majority of its potential membership base in the Magnuson Park area. To remedy the stall in growth, MAC turned to Preva® Networked Fitness

Preva provides MAC members with the ability to set fitness goals, track progress, earn achievement badges and save their favorite workouts via a cloud network. Members can then access this information from any piece of Preva-networked Precor 880 Line cardio fitness equipment. According to Preston Crouser, General Manager at Magnuson, the Preva fitness technology has been a great tool for a variety of reasons.

“Every member has a hands-on tool to motivate them, keep them entertained and track their progress,” he said. Additionally, Preva has helped the MAC discover which pieces of equipment have been used the most. “We can see the data of what equipment is the most popular,” said Crouser. “This allows us to rotate the ‘tires,’ if you will. We can swap out a treadmill that gets high usage for another one that we know doesn’t have as many miles on it. This helps keep the equipment up and running for a longer life span.”

Importantly to Crouser, the Preva technology has also helped MAC’s members with their fitness goals. “Members engage with the technology,” he said. “I have spoken to members that are in the club trying to sneak in an extra workout so they can reach the weekly goal they set for themselves by logging into their Preva accounts. Members enjoy being able to set and track goals. It keeps them accountable, and gives them the desire to run that extra mile or bike that extra five minutes.”

Crouser said he believes the role of technology in clubs will continue to grow. “In the short time we have been using the Preva system, it has become clear the capabilities it has to help retain members and keep them engaged, and interested in their workouts,” said Crouser.