Why Can't You Find the 9.31 Treadmill?

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Why Can't You Find the 9.31 Treadmill?

The highly rated Precor 9.31 Treadmill is no longer available, but before you disappear, take a look at the Precor TRM 425. This new model has the same features that made the 9.31 a favorite among critics and consumers with some new and improved enhancements as well.

Why Can't You Find the 9.31 Treadmill

What Makes the 425 an Exceptional Treadmill?

The 425 treadmill is a commercial-grade consumer treadmill that uses Precor Ground Effects® and Integrated Footplant Technology™ to cushion joints and support your stride.

Its premium quality means that you get the same smooth experience and sturdy construction that you would find in a health club in the convenience of your own home. The 425 also uses new technology that saves your preferences and exercise data to deliver a personalized workout experience. Programs that are unique to you promote better results in a shorter amount of time than unstructured workouts.

What Does the 425 Have in Common with the 9.31?

Exercisers loved the 9.31 treadmill for its superb workout experience and rock-solid durability. The following blurbs describe features that are also included on the 425, taken directly from reviews of the 9.31 on TreadmillReviews.net:

Footplant technology: “Footplant” is unique to Precor. This technology can adjust the motor’s speed hundreds of times per second to synchronize the treadmill’s motion with your own. By reducing your joint stress, this feature helps you maximize aerobic intensity.

Track cushioning: Another Precor patent, Ground Effects Impact Control technology, is a form of advanced cushioning. It further minimizes fatigue and helps prevent injury by providing extra firmness at the point of push-off and extra cushioning where your feet hit the track.

Track incline: Enhance your calorie burn and muscle toning with incline training! The Precor 9.31 treadmill track can be tilted up to 15%. Exercising at a steep incline also reduces impact on your knees by shifting your weight distribution.

Here are a few quotes from TreadmillDoctor.com:

An extremely solid treadmill. . . To give you an idea of how much we like this model, it's the treadmill we use in our office's gym.

This model was designed to be a low-impact treadmill, and Precor really came through to this end.

The warranty on this model is great. It covers labor for 1 year, parts and wear items for 10 years, and the frame and welding for life.

All of these great features, which contributed to the 9.31 treadmill winning a Best Buy Award from Treadmill Doctor and a number one rating by a leading consumer rating publication for five years in a row, are also included on the 425.

Now that you know which features are the same, here are a few of the 425’s improvements.


Why Can't You Find the 9.31 Treadmill

The new console features more storage room for water bottles or other items, nine preset workouts, and a SmartGrip™ holder that will hold your tablet, phone, or other media device.

Treadmill Deck

Why Can't You Find the 9.31 Treadmill

The treadmill deck on the 425 operates with reduced vibration for a better experience and clearer viewing when you play media during use. Like the 9.31, the 425 treadmill deck can rise to an incline of 15 degrees to simulate walking or running uphill. Where the 425 differs is in its ability to also decline up to two degrees to simulate moving downhill. The wider ramp incline/decline range gives you more options in your training and allows for varied muscle activation during your workouts.


Why Can't You Find the 9.31 Treadmill

The 425 treadmill was designed with significantly longer handlebars to give you added stability and a safer handhold.

If you’re looking for a treadmill for your home, you won’t find one of better quality and durability than the Precor TRM 425 to help you reach your fitness goals. It’s the same great treadmill as the 9.31, made even better.

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