Why Health Enthusiasts Should Include Purple Superfoods Within Their Diet

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Why Health Enthusiasts Should Include Purple Superfoods Within Their Diet

As most gym-goers know, working out and exercise are only half the battle when it comes to getting in shape. What you eat and the lifestyle you lead outside the gym are just as crucial, and require a level of commitment in order to get the results that you want.

But as even the most amateur exercise enthusiast will have discovered for themselves, choosing a dietary plan can be a really difficult task. Everyone seems to have an opinion one way or the other, and the Internet has so much information floating around that you’ll often end up with more questions than answers even after hours of research.

Fortunately though, the truth of the matter isn’t quite as complex as you might think. The key points include making sure you get enough protein for energy and muscle development, cutting out fat-filled junk foods, and making sure that you get enough fruit and vegetables for all their useful nutrients and minerals.

It’s this last factor that deserves more consideration. Many people love meat and won’t have any problems getting the required level of protein, but they slack on the level of fruit and vegetables they’re willing to eat. If this is you, then why not try a different source of vital nutrients? Why not branch out into the world of the ‘Purple Superfood’?

Purple Superfoods​


Within the world of food, the colour purple indicates an ingredient that is almost unsurpassable in terms of health. Virtually creating its own sub-category of fruits and vegetables, those that boast a purple-bluish hue possess many vitamins and antioxidants: chemicals that help protect against cancer. Such foods include red onions, blueberries, and beetroot, and each possesses numerous health benefits.


Universally considered as amongst the best things for you, virtually everything you need to function can be achieved within this category of food. Just a cup of blueberries once a week not only provides fiber and calcium, but aids with memory retention, lowers blood pressure, and can bolster your metabolism.

What To Eat

Red cabbage and red onions are also considered amongst the healthiest of foods for their incredible ability to protect against various forms of cancer and heart disease. Healthy in all forms but particularly when consumed raw or minimally cooked, the chemicals within are amongst the most valuable minerals and nutrients to be had from your supermarket shelves. Aubergines, or eggplants, are another important purple superfood, if you can get past its slightly odd texture. In aubergines, the antioxidant known as ‘nasunin’ not only removes excess fatty acids but provides crucial iron and various other vitamins.

Don’t Overdo It

As nutritious and delicious as they might be, too much of even the healthiest of foods can be a bad thing. For instance, if somehow you overdosed on cabbage, you run the risk of suffering from goiters, where the thyroid gland becomes overly enlarged due to a lack of iodine which the cabbage has absorbed. As small and easy-to-eat as blueberries are, they’re fairly sweet, and their healthy sugars can cause issues – but only if consumed in uncommonly huge quantities.

Try Something New Today

Overall though, purple superfoods have virtually no downside if not overdone and are amongst the best things you can eat if you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, if you’re getting tired of the same old fruit and vegetables, why not change it up?  

Exercise is only half the battle, so make sure to give yourself every chance to succeed in the kitchen as well. There are tons of tasty recipes for you to experiment with, so make this your not-so-secret weapon to get in the shape that you want as soon as possible!


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