Why Queenax Functional Training is Perfect for Your Recreation Center

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Why Queenax Functional Training is Perfect for Your Recreation Center

Gone are the days when a workout consisted of a piece of cardio equipment and time in the weight room – students and staff of today want a variety of options to meet their fitness goals.

Rec centers from around the country are responding to this growing demand by incorporating functional training systems into their facilities. If you’re unfamiliar with our modular functional training system, it transforms a section of your fitness facility into a multi-purpose, highly-customizable training area.

Precor has a functional fitness system solution that will deliver energy and enthusiasm to your rec center. How? Here are six shout-it-from-the-rooftop – er, gym floor – reasons to offer Queenax functional training to your students and staff.

Queenax is highly versatile and space-efficient.

Whether your rec center has plenty of available floor space or hardly any at all, there’s a Queenax solution for you.

Each streamlined system can be configured in a variety of ways. This gives fitness directors the ability to maximize that ever-valuable floor space – all without interfering with traditional activities that exercisers have come to count on as part of their fitness routine.

It’s easy to transition from circuit to group training. 

With the ability to easily attach, remove, and reconfigure training accessories, Queenax can quickly and easily convert from circuit to group exercise training scenarios. Reinforced loops, wall bar adaptors, sliding heavy bags, and carabineer clips are easy for exercisers to access and change.

Queenax will multiply your training space in a visually appealing way.

Queenax is a visually attractive functional training system that will become a beehive of activity. The unique design allows you to take advantage of every surface of the room (floor, walls, and ceiling) while also preserving the open space needed for yoga, kickboxing, indoor cycling, and other non-functional training classes.

Functional training isn’t just a trend.

In fact, it just keeps growing and growing within the fitness industry as exercisers demand versatile training options, like performing “real-life activities in real-life positions.” Functional training was recently named by the ACSM Journal as one of the fastest growing activities across a variety of fitness facilities.

With Queenax, making the movements of everyday living is easy. Think of it as an epic jungle gym for your students, where doing squats mimics the motions of sitting down in the chair for class or bending down to pick up a heavy textbook that fell on the floor. The exercises you can perform are basically endless!

Queenax puts the ‘FUN’ in functional.

We just mentioned how functional strength training helps exercisers mimic real-life movements like lifting, pushing, pulling, and bending, which makes those everyday movements easier to perform.

But perhaps most importantly, you’ll hear exercisers use the word “fun” a lot when referencing Queenax. Nothing else offers accessibility for all fitness levels, over 220 exercises, numerous pre-built training programs, and an ever-growing library of training apps. These features keep Queenax fresh and engaging for everyone, whether training solo or with a group.

Storage is no sweat.

Nothing’s worse than not having a place for all your fitness tools.  With Queenax, thoughtful, integrated storage keeps training accessories off the floor and easily retrievable, so that the appearance, functionality, and safety of your rec center isn’t impacted by accessories lying about.

Enough words—time to see it in action!


Want more? Find everything you need at precor.com/queenax.

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