Why Your Gym Should Implement Text Message Marketing

For Gym Operators

Why Your Gym Should Implement Text Message Marketing

Even though you might think of texting as a casual way to communicate with friends and family, it's actually a highly effective way to target and engage with your membership base.

According to a recent study, offers and incentives are redeemed 8 or more times more than offers sent by email. In addition to its highly engaging nature, text message marketing is also cost-efficient and easy to implement, making it a great tool for growing your membership base and attracting new customers.

Read on to learn how you and your staff can take advantage of text message marketing to take your fitness facility to the next level.

Helping Personal Trainers

Personal trainers manage multiple clients' workout schedules and they're always on the go, which means that they're not available on the gym floor 100 percent of the time. In lieu of one on one contact, text messages are the next best thing.

Here are a few ways that personal trainers can put the personal back in training with text message marketing:

  • Real-time Updates: If a client is progressing with his workout routine, a personal trainer will have to constantly change his workouts based on performance. Text messaging allows personal trainers to update a workout routine in real time and deploy it directly to a client's phone without even meeting face-to-face. 
  • Instant Motivation: Since trainers can't be with their clients every second of the day, it's easy for clients to take a "when the cat's away the mice will play" attitude toward training. This can lead them to skip workouts, which can lead to an unmotivated and disengaged client. With text messaging enabled as part of personal training, personal trainers can send nutrition and workout reminders as well as provide instant motivation.
  • Building Business: Even though face time is probably best when it comes to building connections, members just can't be in the gym all the time. Texting is a good, easy way to form a strong personal connection with members, making them more likely to remain loyal to you as a personal trainer.

Helping Operators

Operators make many of the important day-to-day decisions regarding their gym's business, from deciding on marketing strategies to allocating expenses. That being said, operators can benefit from a means of marketing that takes little time to deploy.

  • Update Quickly: Text messaging is a speedy way for operators to let members and staff know about class schedule updates and gym notifications, and to offer words of fitness encouragement.
  • Increase Retention and Engagement: Does your gym have a new juice bar, or are you offering free trial memberships for gym goer's friends and family? Extend in-club promotions and discounts for these services and more to the gym's users through text message marketing. To keep members engaged, send out exercise challenges or workouts of the day that encourage them to come in to the gym more often.

Mobile marketing is the way of the future -- make sure your fitness facility is a part of it by implementing text message marketing.

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