Workout Wednesday: Warm-up Exercises


Workout Wednesday: Warm-up Exercises

The importance of warming up before your workout can't be understated. Not only can warming up prevent sore muscles the next day, but it can also prevent injuries by improving your range of motion and flexbility. That's why we're highlighting these two warm-up stretches that you can easily add to your workout routine -- the hip stretch with a twist and the plank.

Hip Stretch with a Twist

Hip Stretch with a Twist This dynamic stretch is ideal for stretching your core and back. With arms straight, start in a pushup position but bring one leg forward so that it's bent and your foot is by your hands (see the top image). From here, twist toward your opposite leg while extending your arm and hand. Return to the pushup position and repeat the stretch on the other side of your body.

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Precor Plank

The plank is a great warm-up exercise because it helps to strengthen the abdominals and back. To get into position, start at the top of a pushup but with your elbows bent and forearms on the ground. Hold this position (with abs tightened) for up to a minute depending on your fitness level. Remember to keep your hips raised and back straight.

Similar warm-ups: Side plank, plank with arm lift

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