Your Dynamite Summer Workout Playlist

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Your Dynamite Summer Workout Playlist

In an effort to keep you -- the exerciser -- motivated, we’ve collected another list of fresh beats for you to run, cycle and lift to. Expect the tunes in this summer workout playlist to get your heart thumping and your blood pumping.

1. 'Summer' by Calvin Harris

How can you go wrong with a song called “Summer” to kick off a summer playlist?

Sure it starts out slow, but wait until the synth and beat come in. This EDM groove is perfect for high-intensity exercise like kickboxing and cross-fit. And while the song takes the tempo down on the bridge, it quickly builds back up in hypnotic “Night at the Roxbury” / “What is Love” fashion.  We defy you to stay still while you’re listening to it.

2. 'Maps' by Maroon 5

While we recommend you not watch the insanely depressing music video, the song itself is very uptempo. Insistent percussion and Adam Levine’s motivating falsetto will push you to run longer and hit harder on your journey to fitness glory.

3. 'Birthday' by Katy Perry

It seems no playlist is complete without including another of Ms. Perry’s chart toppers.

Always the go-to for girl pop, she delivers this summer’s foot-tapper. It’s very easy to keep moving to this this hit-churning machine. In fact, you may want to consider an all-Katy Perry workout sometime.

4. 'Boom Clap' by Charli XCX

“The Fault in Our Stars,” the favorite tween movie soundtrack of 2014, provides our next playlist selection.

Lorde-clone Charli XCX’s tune is a great fit for a spin class or a few miles on the elliptical. But listener beware: “Boom Clap” may stick in your head for weeks after a single listening.

5. 'Cheap Seats' by Alabama

For our throwback selection, we turn to 1993’s sports-themed hit by the legendary country band Alabama. The lyrics celebrate the joy of attending a baseball game ("there's nothing like the view from the cheap seats"), synonymous with the classic all-American summer.

6. 'Bartender' by Lady Antebellum

Much like their breakout single “Need You Now,” Lady A’s “Bartender” is a perfect mesh of country and adult pop.

The trio’s latest hit has been lauded by a number of reviewers. Though if you count the number of drinks referenced in this song, the primaries definitely need to hit the gym.

7. 'Problem' by Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea

We’d have one less problem if this were pumping at our gym -- the beat is head-bobbingly infectious. And Ms. Grande gets an assist from Iggy Azalea (of “Fancy” fame) in the spoken word department. Also, there's a fun Jay-Z reference: "I got 99 problems / but you won’t be one."

8. 'Beachin'' by Jake Owen

Jake Owen is making a career of meshing country and rap. This tune is no different – it’s a laid back, slick groove, and the perfect cool down song.  After all, who can complain about a song with a Bobby McFerrin reference?