Your Very Own Big Game Workout


Your Very Own Big Game Workout

With Precor being based here in the Seattle area, it's safe to say we're feeling the excitement of the Seahawks playing in the Big Game against the Denver Broncos. While we understand not everyone will be rooting for the Seahawks, Sunday's spectacle does give us the chance to highlight the power of running back Marshawn Lynch and his famous propensity to break multiple tackles, shove defenders to the ground with one of the league's most vicious stiff arms, and score earthquake-inducing touchdowns on runs that shouldn't have gone for more than 10 yards. In fact, just watch this and you'll understand:

So how can you get yourself to that level of invincibility during your own workouts? Below is a set of five exercises guaranteed to get you amped and into your own personal zone, much like the Seahawks star back -- leaving you feeling fit and fantastic, even if you're not on the football field.

Start it off with a sprint

If you’re in one of the lucky parts of the country currently not buried under a few feet of snow, a quick sprint can get the blood flowing and the heart-rate up. And if you are house/gym-bound, yank out your trusty jumprope and speed through a few dozen jumps (or more if you can manage it).

Football translation: Your offensive line just created a huge hole for you to run the ball through, and the safety is out of position. Hit the hole hard and feel your heart-rate jump as you break out into the open field.


The bane of high school athletics is indeed great for getting you pumped. For those who’ve forgotten (or repressed it), a burpie consists of squatting down, kicking your legs out, doing a pushup, snapping your legs back under you, then jumping to a stand. Rinse and repeat.

Football translation: Build that upper body and lower body strength to drag defenders and break those pathetic one-armed tackle attempts. Can you say YAC?! (Yards after contact, for the football newbies.)


Don’t feel like the full burpie? Try a few squats, with or without additional weight. Shoot for three sets of 10.

Football translation: When three defenders are trying to bring you down, stay low to the ground and KEEP... ON... CHUGGING! Those last few inches could be the difference between a critical third-down conversion or a punt.


One look at an Olympic lifter and you’ll know lifting is the ultimate beast exercise.  Breathing is uberimportant here – breathe in deeply as you’re bringing the weights down, and exhale as you lift. Be careful to lift weight appropriate to your strength and experience level – use a spotter when in doubt. Or kick it old school and find the pull-up bar to lift yourself.

Football translation: You just made a catch out of the backfield on a screen play and there's open fiel-- uh oh, a corner back has sniffed the play out. But he went high on the tackle! You shrug him off easily with those upper body muslces, and there's nothing but green (and screaming fans) in front of you.


By now, you're probably feeling more and more like the pros. Take out those aggressions on your friendly neighborhood punching bag. Kickboxing can burn incredible amounts of calories (over 800 per hour by some calculations), and allows you to cross-train various muscle groups while improving stamina. Remember to wrap your wrists and ankles, however, as these can become stressed by the repetition. And remember, it’s of paramount importance to keep that heart-rate up – and stay hydrated with some Gatorade or good old-fashioned H2O.

Football translation: What would be better than getting into the end zone for the go-ahead score? Getting into the end zone for the go-ahead score while stiff arming the last defender to the ground. Now celebrate with your teammates, and then get to the sideline and hydrate to get ready for the next drive.

How do you get ready for the Big Game? And who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments! And don't forget to tune in this Sunday to see the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos on FOX. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Philip Robertson under this license.