Treadmill Story

Treadmill Story Image 01When you're on a treadmill, you probably glance frequently at the heart rate monitor, the angle of ascent, rate of speed, calories burned, or any of a number of other features on the console. But when you're on a Precor treadmill, focus for a moment and feel just how different the machine is. Feel each step you take and how precisely the treadmill responds. The Precor series of treadmills makes it easy to do your run -- your workout is so smooth, you may not want to hit "stop." And you won't suffer the typical high-impact aches and pains from an extended workout.

You'll find that any Precor running deck gives you the best shock absorption as you put down your heel, and it increases stability as you push off from your toe - all to reduce joint stress and fatigue. This Ground Effects® technology also adjusts to your height or weight, leaving you with a superior, low-impact run.

Integrated Footplant™ technology is another unique feature of Precor treadmills. Essentially, this accommodates your foot's natural acceleration and slowing during the course of each step. The technology is so sublime that the equipment software monitors your heel strikes and adjusts motor speed up to 100 times per second as you run. That's an attentive machine.

Treadmill Story Image 02All this sophisticated engineering may not be your primary interest, but you know a smooth workout when you feel it. When exercising is this comfortable, you tend to go longer, working your heart more, thus getting in better shape. It's the Relative Perceived Exertion (RPE) -- the difference between how hard you think you're working and how hard your heart actually works.

So here you are on your Precor treadmill. Your running experience on this machine is as natural as your outdoor run, but without jarring your joints. You adjust the console settings to get the specific workout you're looking for and you keep going, accelerating, moving the way you want through life.