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IcarianĀ® Series

With attention to biomechanics, comfortable touch points, and easy-to-use adjustments, our IcarianĀ® Strength Line helps members of all abilities benefit from the value of strength training. To complement your facility, every machine is durable and streamlined.

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Icarian Multi-Stations

An Important Element of Progressive Training

The strength journey for each of your exercisers will be different, and it is important to have a diverse portfolio to meet them where they need to be met in any given workout. Providing equipment that will continuously engage and progress your exercisers toward results will keep them motivated to stick with their training program and your facility for the long term.

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Precor Coaching Center

Get more out of your equipment with training videos and downloadable workouts from the Precor Coaching Center

Find new ways to use your equipment to increase exerciser satisfaction and engage your trainers

Access training support tools for onboarding your staff on Preva and your equipment

Precor Coaching Center

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