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    The Strong++™ is a tubing and pulley system that accommodates multi-planar resistance training. It is three different tubes, each with a different level of resistance, that can be connected with carabiners to accommodate over seven resistance levels, making it a highly scalable training tool that is appropriate for beginners and conditioned athletes alike. For best results, position two Strong++ side by side for bilateral movements.

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Equipment Features

Components 3 elastic tubes with different resistance levels (Grey = light, Red = medium, Black = heavy)

3 Queenax Carabiners

3 Handles
Training Considerations Exercisers can use handles or ankle straps to perform an infinite number of movements.

Exercisers can work from the low pull point, the high pull point, or connect the tubes together and move in any direction without concern to the line of pull.
Max. Travel Distance 182.8 cm / 6 feet