A premium experience all the way

For over 30 years we've been building fitness equipment to withstand rigorous use in commercial gyms, and so quality and durability are the hallmarks of every Precor product.

As a further reflection of the fact that you are purchasing a premium piece of fitness equipment, delivery and professional installation is provided completely free of charge. This is part of our commitment to ensuring that you not only have a great workout experience, but also a great customer experience.

Once you purchase online from Precor, the following steps take place:

  1. Upon completing your online order, you will automatically receive a Precor Home Fitness Store account.  You will be able to log into your account to monitor the status of your order.
  2. Upon receipt of your order we will dispatch your equipment to one of our engineers within approximately 3 working days. 
  3. The engineer will then contact you within 48 hours of receiving your equipment, to arrange a convenient installation date and time for you.
  4. For your convenience, the engineer will arrive with your equipment on the date and time agreed upon. 
  5. Most installations take 1-2 hours, depending upon which equipment piece you have purchased and where the equipment will be assembled. 
Generally, you can expect to have your equipment installed within approximately two weeks of ordering.