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With more than 28,500 networked units in 72 different countries and 100 million workouts recorded so far, Precor’s Preva is the most proven fully-networked fitness solution in the marketplace today.

Launched in 2010, and continually evolving to include increased functionality, Preva is a powerful cloud-based suite of tools which, when used in unison, help drive the key operator objectives of retention, attraction, secondary revenue generation and improved member experience.

Getting more personal

Preva Personal Accounts allows your members to log in, set fitness goals, track progress, earn reward badges and save their favourite workouts. RFID-enabled tokens and wristbands make the process even simpler. Research shows that setting and tracking a weekly goal using Preva Personal Accounts with RFID access leads users to work out up to four times more often than those who don’t have a goal or RFID access.

At Danish gym chain Fitness dk, which has 21 Preva-equipped sites throughout Denmark, two in three of their Preva account users agree that having Personal Accounts adds to the value for money they get from their membership. In addition, nearly nine in 10 (88%) say saving their workout is important and 75% value tracking their lifetime totals.

By improving members’ attendance levels, and therefore the results they achieve, Preva Personal Accounts can also help encourage membership renewals. The University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Sport and Exercise (CSE) installed Precor’s P80 equipment with Preva and, in the first three months of the academic year 2013/2014 after Personal Accounts was introduced, the number of new memberships and renewals increased 7.5% year-on-year (YOY), to record-breaking levels. In total, 86% of students say the CV equipment adds to the gym’s value for money and four in five (79%) say the CV equipment at CSE makes them more likely to come back or renew their membership.


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A digital solution

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Preva Tokens and RFID wristbands can be fully integrated throughout a facility to create a seamless exercise experience. At Newcastle University in the UK, Preva’s RFID technology was compatible with the university’s ‘Smart Card’. “We now have a student and staff ID card that allows access to all site facilities and the ability to log in to the Preva network, without having to remember user names or passwords,” says Nick Beall, Facility Services Manager at the University. Since Preva’s introduction, the fitness suite has seen a 28% increase in usage YOY, achieving nearly 7,000 visits each week, and 54% of the gym’s members who have a Preva account use it regularly.

At Fivestar Fitness in Kosovo, RFID access has been so seamlessly integrated members can access everything from the gym itself to lockers, showers, cashless payment at the cafe and Preva Account log-in.

Streets ahead

The backroom elements of Preva are just as beneficial to operators. Preva Business Suite (PBS) is a web-based platform, which provides operators with a variety of reports and tools to help their business. The messaging features available in PBS allow clubs to up sell-services and strengthen customer relationships by putting high-impact, customizable and targeted communications in front of their members.

This has been used to great success at Thailand’s WE Fitness Society gyms in Bangkok. As well as creating an additional revenue stream by offering media advertising on the cardio screens, WE generates secondary income with blog write-ups and targeted media campaigns. “We are making serious secondary income with Preva. I was impressed it could support such an up-to-date digital marketing strategy and help maximize our profits,” says Pornsi Pringsuwan, Director of Marketing at WE Fitness Society. “Preva is a great marketing tool to drive revenue for us.”

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Building better business

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PBS also helps operators to manage and monitor the usage of their equipment via a variety of reports.

Edinburgh’s CSE has been using the Preva Business Suite facility to boost its efficiency since the initial upgrade to Precor Preva-enabled equipment. “We log in to Preva Business Suite twice daily to check equipment status and usage reports. It allows us to monitor our equipment and, if there’s a problem, act quickly to significantly reduce downtime. It is an essential business tool we couldn’t do without,” says Cameron Ritchie, Head of Operations at CSE.

Another addition to the continually evolving suite of Preva tools, the Preva Mobile App ensures exercisers can track all their activity, even when away from their club. Available on the iTunes Store and Google Play, the app has already been downloaded in 115 countries and 92% of users have accessed Preva Mobile multiple times.

See how our networked fitness solution can also help you increase retention, attract new members, drive secondary revenue generation and help your members achieve their goals.

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