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A key step to successful workouts is developing your exercise knowledge base. Below you will find articles written by various members of the scientific and fitness communities with the intent of helping you make better exercise choices.

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Please note, before beginning any fitness program, see your physician for a thorough physical examination. Read the equipment Owner's Manual or consult a qualified instructor before operating equipment. Failure to seek medical advice from a physician or failure to use equipment properly may result in serious injury.

Scientific Research

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Exercise Information

  • About Functional Strength Training by Antoni Luke-Akagi, Equinox Fitness Clubs

    Functional strength training involves unrestricted movement against resistance, in which the exerciser defines the exercise motion.

  • Treadmill Training for Top Performance by Melanie McQuaid, three time Xterra Triathlon World Champion

    Runners have a tendency to think that only the best training occurs in the great outdoors. While the thrill of running in extraordinary natural settings is tough to beat, there is nothing that compares to the tremendous training benefits of working on treadmills.

  • Choosing the 'Best' Exercise Modality by Jessica Smith, Fitness Consultant

    While most cardiovascular equipment will accomplish one or all of your exercise goals to varying degrees, trying to decide which machine is best for you can be a daunting experience even for the most knowledgeable fitness enthusiast.

  • Breaking Through a Weight Loss Plateau Incorporating Strength Training Into Your Workout by Robert Reames, CSCS, *D, CN, RTS1, CPT

    Find out how incorporating strength training into your workout is the key factor in promoting fat loss as well as weight loss.

  • Women and Weight Training by Jessica Smith, Fitness Consultant

    Not long ago, it was rare to see women in the weight room pumping iron alongside the men. These days, however, there is an increasing number of women weight lifting. Not only are the young and fit lifting weights, it is not uncommon to see older or less fit women lifting, as well.

  • Tips for Distance Running Training on a Precor EFX by Lesley Mettler, CT, AFAA, USATF and Scott Jurek, RPT

    For years, athletes, trainers and coaches have looked to low-impact alternatives to distance running, hoping to reduce the stress of high-mileage training. A new option being discovered is the Precor EFX® Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™.

  • The Basic Principles of Exercise Physiology by Emily Cooper M.D.

    The physiology of exercise can be complex. Even so, we all can understand and benefit from some basic principles.

  • Tips for Cycling Training on a Precor EFX® by Emily Cooper M.D.

    A new training option for cyclists, the Precor EFX® Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™, builds aerobic fitness along with cycling specific strength.

  • Treadmill Running Rehab by Scott Jurek, RPT

    The treadmill allows runners to maintain a specific stride rate and length. Stride rate and length are key factors in running injuries and their prevention.

  • Optimizing Fitness Using Heart Rate Training Zones by Emily Cooper M.D.

    Heart rate training zones bring specificity to training, whether to target improvements in general fitness or weight loss or to develop endurance, speed or power.

  • Nutrition Basics by Emily Cooper M.D.

    Everyone can benefit from the positive impact good nutrition has on health, ranging from disease risk reduction to an improved quality of life. Nutrition's effect on performance and injury prevention is important to athletes and active individuals.

  • Energy Usage During Exercise: How It Affects Your Workouts by Jessica Smith, Fitness Consultant

    Provides a basic understanding of how your body uses energy during different forms of exercise so you can develop an effective exercise program.

  • Focus on Flexibility: Clubs are Getting Serious About Stretching Programs and Equipment by Robina A. Gangemi, posted with permission from IHRSA

    Flexibility is put on equal footing - in terms of its importance to overall fitness - with strength and cardiovascular condition.

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