How to Deliver Small Group Training: The Precor Solution

For Gym Operators

How to Deliver Small Group Training: The Precor Solution

Small group training has been a growing trend over the past ten years. When you combine the proper equipment with exceptional instructors who keep sessions engageing and motivation, you’re creating the ideal workout environment for members looking for a more personalized approach to training, without having to shell out the big bucks for a personal trainer. Whether your facility’s small group training efforts are focused on team, circuit-style, or HIIT, we have a solution for you. Explore our options below to see what would work best in your facility, either as a standalone product offering or introducing multiple offerings that work together to create high demand workouts for your members.

Versatile Options with Queenax™ Functional Training

Imagine having the option to switch easily between running a circuit-training session for a group of six members, to one-on-one personal training, to holding a rest and recovery class, all in the same group training environment. This, and so much more, is possible with Queenax.

These functional training units are ideal for multiplying the available space within your facility, whether your group training area is limited to a corner, along a wall, in the middle of your facility floor, or within an entire studio. These units can be configured to support a variety of training techniques that assist in providing you the best equipment to meet your members’ fitness goals. With plenty of options for adaptable training accessories, it’s easy to transition between types of classes. The high profile of the Queenax frames means that you are able to incorporate other equipment, such as indoor cycles or motorless treadmills, into the sessions, too.

Best of all, the purchase of a Queenax* comes with education and programming for your facility’s trainers. Our experienced Precor Master Coaches ensure that your personal training staff receive the knowledge and coaching they need so they can pass it on when training their clients. This hands-on learning experience unleashes the small group training potential within your club. Staff will learn how to create engageing, exciting experiences for your members that will keep them coming back class after class.

Workout Ideas Featuring Queenax

Upper Body Powerhouse Workout

Superfunctional Total Body Workout

Take Small Group Training to the Max with Assault Fitness

Assault Fitness products thrive in high-energy environments like HIIT classes and personal training. Designed for short bursts of cardio, pair the Assault AirRunner and Assault AirBike with functional and strength training on Queenax. Since these products are fueled by the exerciser’s own energy, your members are able to push themselves hard to achieve their best results. In a small group training setting, exercisers will be able to feed off their friend’s competitive spirits, and be encouraged by the instructor to give it their all.



Workout Ideas Featuring Assault Fitness

Queenax and Assault AirBike Push and Power Workout

Q & A Challenge

Power Up with Spinning®

Explore the potential with Spinning indoor cycling. Known for its ability to create a “tribe-like” mentality, these bikes bring members together to form a community. Choose from four Spinner® models and education options that fit your facility’s unique needs so you can give your exercisers the engageing riding experience that they have been looking for.

The Spinner® Chrono™ Power bike offers power measurement through the ability to measure riders’ personal performance in watts. These bikes can be connected to a leaderboard, allowing for riders to compete against each other and themselves. The gamification factor is perfect for group training instructors looking to boost the excitement factor in their classes.

When combined with a strength component such as Queenax functional training, you’ll turn this exercise into a fully dimensional HIIT workout.

HIIT with Our Interval Treadmill

Our TRM 731 Interval Treadmill allows your facility to join the HIIT trend and deliver small group interval training on treadmills. Every second counts when you’re doing interval training sessions, so when cued by an instructor to do tabatas or 30-second intervals, exercisers can use the one-touch speed and incline keys to quickly change their interval intensity settings. Round out training by including the interval treadmill with the functional and suspension training possibilities of Queenax.   

Check out the features of the TRM 731:



Use AMT Team Fit to Boost Training

Take your small group training offerings out of the classroom and rev up your cardio floor with AMT Team Fit on the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer. AMT Team Fit is a series of trainer-led, small group exercise classes proven to build engagement, create a point of differentiation, and contribute to secondary revenue.

This small group training programme has it all. It combines the elements of HIIT training, aerobic conditioning, core and stabilisation, and strength activities to create an atmosphere and offering that can set you apart from your competition. Setting yourself apart with unique programmeing will help to increase member engagement – exercisers will be signing up for more classes, which in turn can provide another significant revenue stream for your facility.

See Precor small group training equipment in action! These case studies feature facilities that are experiencing positive growth by featuring Precor in their training:

City Fitness Philly

Newtown Athletic Club

For a full look at our equipment line-up, download our 2018 catalogue.

*Queenax purchases over $10,000 qualify for free Master Coach training