Vary your muscle engagement

 Enjoy a low-impact cardiovascular and muscle toning workout, and change it on-the-fly. On the revolutionary Precor AMT, you can burn calories faster than on most other equipment, and by changing the length of your strides, you can train different muscles.

With a variable stride length between 0 and 27.5 inches (0 to 68 cm), the AMT delivers the ultimate variety - all without the touch of the button. Because no two strides are alike, no two workouts are alike.


Climbing Strides
Similar to stair climbing, very short, vertical strides primarily work your quads.


Short Strides
Similar to walking, short strides,  primarily work your quads, with some emphasis on the hamstrings and glutes.


Mid-Range Strides
Like a jogging motion, mid-range strides put more focus on your hamstrings and glutes with some calves.


Long Strides
Similar to running, long strides work all lower body muscles.
For a great total body workout, really push and pull the moving handlebars.

stride-dial_0.jpgYou can monitor your stride type and length in real-time with the The Stride Dial™ on the console. It’s a fun, visual way to monitor your workout to get the most benefits.

Vary the Muscles You Use with Preset Workouts

AMT preset workouts, are a great way to tailor your workouts to your fitness goals and stay challenged. The preset workouts are designed to give you the best possible benefits. And adding variety to your workouts helps avoid plateauing.

The preset workouts are:

  • Fat Burner
  • Heart Rate Control
  • Interval
  • Manual

Interval Training on the AMT

Interval workouts are one of the best ways to get results on the AMT. Intervals vary the amount of time you work versus the time your muscles rest and recover.

You can either use the preset AMT Interval workout, or perform your own intervals by increasing the resistance and really pushing and pulling the moving handlebars, then decreasing the resistance and returning to normal arm movements.

Why is the AMT More Challenging?

Have you ever wondered why your AMT workouts seem more challenging? Part of the reason is the patented Dual Plane Resistance.On the AMT, resistance is applied to both horizontal and vertical planes of motion, adding another dimension to your workout, and helping  you to burn more calories than on other cardio equipment.

Stride Rate vs. Resistance

Get to know the benefits of varying your stride rate and resistance to reach your fitness goals.

A higher stride rate will give you a better cardio workout, while higher resistance helps increase power and strength. Both will improve your endurance.

Higher stride rate + lower resistance = better cardio workout

Lower stride rate + higher resistance = better power and strength workout

An AMT stride rate of 100 to 130 is considered optimal.

Because your body can adapt to a strength workout fairly quickly, and a significant increase in your aerobic fitness takes more time, you'll want to focus on cardio workouts most days, with power workouts about once a week.