• Operators and Managers: Free Social Media Updates for Your Gym

    One of the easiest ways to engage with your gym’s members – and to capture the attention of potential members – is through social media. It provides you a platform to actively promote your business and the unique features that your gym offers, as well as helpful tips and information that your gym members will find interesting and useful.

    In the past, we’ve given you some insight on how to manage your gym’s social media and how you can boost your gym’s social media presence. Now we’re taking it one step further by providing you with actual ideas for content that you can share on your facility’s social media pages, based on what we share through the Precor social media channels.

    Download our social media guide below to see examples of how our blog posts and content can be used to step up your gym’s social media presence and engagement.


  • Strategies for Implementing a Successful Group Training Program

    In the current fitness climate people are looking for personalized workouts and one-on-one attention, but without the large price tag of a personal trainer.

    This is where group personal training comes in.


  • 5 Reasons You Should Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer

    In the past, personal trainers were affordable only to rich people and movie stars. And to justify hiring one, a person practically had to have a home gym and two percent body fat.


  • Insights on Leasing Fitness Equipment

    We’ve got a few questions for current and future gym operators: are you debating whether leasing or financing your gym’s equipment is the best choice for your situation?


  • Free Social Media Updates for Your Gym – Summer 2015

    Gym operators, here you go! It’s time for another batch of social media updates meant just for you to make it easier to connect to your facility’s exercisers. Feel free to share these Facebook and Twitter updates through your gym’s accounts to keep your members engaged and informed on all things health and fitness related.


  • 3 Reasons You Should Lease Your Gym Equipment

    Opening a gym?


  • How to Recruit Your Gym Staff

    Your new gym is becoming a reality, but now you need to fill it with a rock star team so everything runs smoothly.


  • 8 Roles to Complete Your New Gym’s Staff

    Hiring a solid team for your new gym may seem overwhelming, but having an understanding of what each role does and what you should look for in your future employees will help ease your hiring load.

    Here are the foundational positions you should hire to complete your gym’s staff.


  • How to Choose a Location for Your New Gym

    Congratulations on taking the first steps toward becoming a gym operator! We’re here to help you along as you start down this thrilling career path.

    First thing’s first – where will your gym be located? Take your time and plan strategically when researching a location; this is one major decision that can make or break the future of your gym. Read on for five factors to take into consideration when you’re starting to plan your fitness facility’s location.


  • Operators: How to Attract More Fitness Clients in Any Season

    All business owners in the fitness and wellness industry need to accommodate for high and low seasons.

    You've likely noticed that some months are marked by an influx of new fitness clients followed by a decline in visits and activity. Marketing your gym, health club, or other fitness-related business year round is essential for staying one step ahead of the competition. There are several things you can do to keep that gym or appointment book full month after month.


  • 7 Ways for Personal Trainers to Make Client Training Sessions More Effective

    There is more to leading personal training sessions than simply compiling a list of exercises for your clients to perform.


  • Pull-Ups Guide: Yes, You Can Do Them!

    Pull-ups have a reputation as an elite exercise: only the muscle-bound exerciser with five percent body fat can do them, right? Wrong!


  • Hospitality Operators: How Big Should Your Fitness Room Be?

    Fun fact: If a fitness room is located in close proximity to your business’ guests, it will experience a greater rate of participation.


  • Foam Rolling: Show Your Muscles Some Love

    Some people love it, others can’t stand it, and many are downright confused by that mysterious cylindrical thing that often sits in the corner of fitness centers.


  • 4 Simple Pre- and Post-Workout Superfood Recipes

    Before you work out, your body needs fuel (think -- carbohydrates, protein, good fats and other nutrients) in adequate amounts to sustain energy levels as it undergoes extreme physical stress, as w


  • 5 Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Gym Operators

    What’s the best way to reach would-be customers who aren't necessarily active on social media or websites like Groupon and Living Social? Sometimes the answer is good old-fashioned direct mail marketing.

    Try these five tips to add direct mail marketing to your fitness facility’s strategy (and then see what you can achieve with email marketing).


  • 6 Ways to Market Your Gym Grand Opening

    It’s everyone’s greatest fear in junior high – you have a birthday party and as the minutes tick by, NO ONE SHOWS UP. Your mother sighs. Your little brother snickers. Cake goes uneaten…

    It can feel the same way for those launching a new business enterprise: What if we have a grand opening and no one shows up?

    To help ensure this never happens to you, we've put together this list that will make any gym grand opening the grandest it can be. Read, reflect, and let us know your other ideas in the comments!


  • Manage Your Gym's Social Media with This Checklist

    As a fitness facility operator, there often isn't time to get to everything you'd like to do.

    Because it seems like it can take so much time to keep up with, social media can often fall through the cracks. But it can be an important communication tool so you can reach your members at their convenience. Use this checklist to take care of your gym's social media efforts for an hour or two each week.


  • Which Running Shoe Is Best for You?

    When you’re in the market to buy new running shoes, it’s not always easy to figure out what kind is right for you.


  • 3 Ways to Boost Your Gym's Social Media Presence

    For gyms and health clubs, it can be tough to communicate with your customers when they're focused on getting their workout in -- often they have headphones on, and want nothing more than to hop on