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Precor Customer Testimonials

See why Precor is your fitness business partner of choice for service, reliability, innovation and more.


Highlights how dependable Precor equipment is and the quick response times when an issue arises.

Ease of Use

Highlights how easy it is for a wide range of exercisers to use Precor equipment.


Highlights how the fitness industry has evolved and how important innovation is for customers and their members.

Trusted Partner

Highlights the ways Precor partners/collaborates with our customers to help create the best member experience. Beyond the purchase of the equipment, Precor empowers their people to do what’s right for the customer.

Solution Builder

Highlights the collaboration that our team of sales professionals have with our customers to find solutions to fit their needs.

Competitive Advantage

Video focuses on why customers choose Precor for their facilities, i.e. high quality, premium products, that are dependable and reliable. All to deliver the wow factor to their members and to stay competitive in their communities.

Product Development

Highlights the work Precor does to develop products/solutions for operators, exercisers, and servicers.  This video focuses on the Precor StairClimber.


Highlights that Precor is more than cardio and the power of our strength lines.


Highlights how our Precor team helps find solutions for operators. Includes reference to Y Female CEO conference.


Highlights how Precor shines before and after the sale, especially with partnering with customers to coordinate installs.


Highlights how the Precor values align with the YMCA values. Includes how important relationships are to success and people are a reflection of your product.


Highlights the quality, durability, reliability, and ease of use of Precor equipment for operators, staff, and their exercisers.


Highlights the advisor role our Precor account managers have with their customers and how that relationship builds into friendship.